Biochemical-chemical pool

(2019 trip to Anhui) Hefei Jinghe Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.

Address: Near Jingshan Road, Yaohai District, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Machine model: AH36KW stainless steel

Number of sets: 4

Uses: Heating sodium sulfate, liquid crystallization

Solution: The customer is to do sewage treatment complete sets, including design, drawing, purchase of supporting equipment, and installation. The user makes mobile phone chips, and there is industrial wastewater. After treatment and crystallization, it becomes powdery like salt, which can save transportation costs, reduce danger, and can be reused as industrial waste. Pass the steam to a heat exchanger with a height of 6 meters and a diameter of 0.8 meters, heat up the ammonium sulfate, and the output is 1 ton per hour. Generally, it is preheated to 167 ℉. In the past, 4 equipments are fully turned on, and after 167 ℉, 2-3 units are turned on. Then keep the temperature at 203 ℉, and the first warm-up time is uncertain, and it doesn't matter much if it is longer or shorter.

(2020 trip to Hubei) Wuhan Heavy Industry Casting and Forging Co., Ltd.

Packaging Machinery (71)

Address: Overpass of Heping Avenue, Qingshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Machine model: 360KW

Number of devices: 1

Purpose: Heating lye in a link in sewage treatment

Solution: Heat 30 tons of sewage lye to 140 ℉, and then let the hot lye flow into the next process, working 5-6 hours a day.

On-site problem: The master inspected a total of 16 heating tubes of 360KW, one of which was completely burned out, and the current of 12 heating tubes was unbalanced, and only three of them could still work temporarily.

The master analyzes the reasons:
1. The influent water treatment is not in place, and the water quality is too poor;
2. There is a strong alkali in the heating pool, and it is possible that the hot air in the pool flows back to the inner tank through the pipe.

The master solves on the spot:
I changed a 24KW heating tube, and when I removed it, I found that there was a lot of scale in the heating tube.

1) Install water treatment;
2) Install a check valve at the steam port;
3) The equipment is equipped with a timer;
4) There are not enough heating tubes of the same type on the car, and the rest of the heating tubes will be replaced at the factory later.

Client feedback:
1) It is required to emphasize the harm of not using soft water treatment according to the customer's industry while selling equipment;
2) Debugging personnel are required to teach customers more operation and use procedures in the early stage.