Food processing

(2021 trip to Fujian) Fujian Fuan Hongguang Grain, Oil and Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.

Packaging Machinery (85)

Machine model: CH48kw (purchased in March 2018)

Number of units: 1

Uses: use steam to heat up the jacketed pot, boil sugar and jam

Solution: Use the steam equipment with a sandwich pot, add about 200kg of solid sugar or jam to heat each time, boil the sugar and jam for about 1 hour, and use the equipment every three or four days.

Client feedback:

1. The heating tube has been replaced once, but other accessories have not been replaced;

2. The equipment is in good condition. Compared with the traditional biomass boilers used before, our equipment is simpler and more convenient, saving human resources;

3.The water intake of the equipment is groundwater, and there is basically no sewage.

4. The customer said that the installation service was not provided at the time of purchase, and many precautions were not clear, and hoped for follow-up improvements.

Live question:

1. There is no regular sewage discharge, and the customer has been informed to regularly discharge sewage under pressure to prevent excessive scale;

2. Safety valves and pressure gauges are not regularly calibrated, and customers have been told to calibrate at least once a year or replace them with new ones.

3. The water level gauge is blocked and the water level cannot be seen clearly. It has been replaced with a new one on site.

(2019 Jiangsu trip) Nanjing Jinran Food Co., Ltd.

Packaging Machinery (88)

Address: No. 188, Zhongdong Road, Chengqiao Street, Liuhe District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Machine model: AH72kw

Number of sets: 1

Purpose: Finished product tank heating

Solution: The customer is renting the workshop of the CNC equipment company to make honey. Using our equipment to heat up the tank, basically from the feeding of materials to the finished tank, there are several processes in the middle to heat up. Makes the honey flow optimally so that it can pass through multiple filters to remove impurities and a small amount of larger crystals. The finished tank is 12 tons, and there are two small 4-ton tanks. The 12-ton and two 4-ton tanks are used separately. The temperature will reach 4-50 degrees in about 3 hours and maintain a constant temperature.

Customer feedback:

1. The heating pipe is easy to break, and at least four pipes should be replaced a year.
One of the reasons for on-site analysis is that the sewage was not discharged as required, and the correct sewage discharge method has been trained; the second reason is that the wire is relatively thin, and the wire tends to heat up during the use of the machine. The master suggested changing the cable to a thicker one to ensure safe production; reason three, it is recommended to clean the heating tube regularly.

2. The electricity bill needs more than 1448 $ a month, and the work is 7-8 hours a day.

Problem solving:

1) The contactor was replaced on site, and a glass tube was replaced;

2) Remind customers to fasten the lower coil to avoid short circuit;

3) Remind customers to check pressure gauges and safety valves once a year;

4) The customer purchased two 18kw heating tubes for spare;

The master overhauled and the equipment was operating normally, reminding customers to do daily maintenance.