Constant temperature heating

(2020 Hubei trip) Xiaogang Food Office

Address: No. 1, Xiaozhangxiante, Xiaogang Town, Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City

Machine model: AH72kw

Quantity: 2

Uses: boiling water and shaving pig hair

Solution: Two sets of 72kw provide steam heating for about 2 tons of water in the pool at the same time, and the temperature can rise to about 143.6 in about an hour. At this time, one machine can be turned off, and the other can only be turned on for 2 gears carry out heat preservation, and the working hours of the machine will end after 12 o'clock every night and end around 5 o'clock in the morning.

Live question: One liquid level relay and one small electromagnetic relay are broken.

Solve the problem on the spot: A liquid level relay and a small electromagnetic relay were replaced, and the customer bought some vulnerable parts for spare.

Client feedback:

1. The machine was purchased in August 2019 and started to be used in October. They don’t understand the installation and operation in the early stage. They have contacted the business manager and the technical master of the after-sales department many times.

2. They hope that the company's after-sales service will come to the door regularly for inspection and maintenance and on-site training to guide correct operation and troubleshooting methods, so the free door-to-door inspection and maintenance service of our mobile vehicles is very welcome.

(2019 Shanghai trip) Shanghai Luxiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 63, Oubei Road, Binhai County Industrial Park, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

Machine model: 0.5 gas

Quantity: 3

Application: heating, humidification, drying

Solution: The workshop where the customer uses our equipment is mainly used to make car mirrors, and cooperates with SAIC, FAW, Hongqi, and Great Wall Motors.

Our steam equipment mainly has two purposes:

1. Heating and humidification of the paint spraying room. The paint spraying room sprays paint on the shell of the PVC car mirror. The space of about 300 cubic meters is heated and humidified. The temperature of the workshop is kept between 68-77 ℉ and the humidity is 113-122℉. If it is lower than this standard, the paint will not vulcanize; if it is higher than this standard, the paint will dry too fast and fail to meet the standard.

2. Drying of the car mirror shell, the size of the drying area is 16 * 3 * 3 meters, the temperature needs to reach 158℉, the PVC mold is dried in a cycle, and the time is about 2 and a half hours, and the steam reaches the pipe in the drying area It is very long, estimated to be at least 50 meters, and the loss is relatively large.

Feedback from customers: The equipment is easy to use, the air capacity is sufficient, and the after-sales service is very good. New equipment will be added later.

Problem solving:

1. Replace 2 pressure gauges and 1 safety valve;

2. Tap water is used, the sewage discharge method is wrong, the inner tank pipe is full of mud, and the sewage discharge method has been trained;

3. The capacitor of the burner is broken and needs to be sent back to the company for repair;

4. One piece of equipment can not stop adding water, it has been repaired.

(2019 Jiangsu trip) Shengmei Textile Co., Ltd./Dingsheng Textile

Address: No. 10 Modern Road, Sihong County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

Machine model: AH48KW

Quantity: 2

Application: constant temperature and humidity

Solution: 2 sets of 48KW equipment, constant temperature and humidity for the textile workshop, and the woven cotton cloth is sent to Nantong for processing into four-piece sets. Shengmei Textile Co., Ltd. and Sihong County Dingsheng Textile Co., Ltd. each have one. The two companies rent a factory building. They both heat and humidify the workshop in winter. Generally, the temperature in winter should be maintained at about 77℉ and the humidity should be 70 %, maintaining this temperature and humidity means that the cotton yarn is not easy to break and is more resilient. Currently, the equipment is not used, and the space used is about 500 square meters.

Customer feedback: It is very good to use, but the main reason is that the cost of use is relatively high and power consumption is high.

Solve the problem:

1. The first 48KW is a probe, which is used in Shengmei Company to test the heating tube. One group is not powered, but it can still be used at present. The customer considers that it will replace the heating tube when it cannot be used.

2. The filter screen of the second 48KW water tank is blocked, and the pumping is not normal, and it has been cleaned and dredged.

3. Give training to the two companies, and require that the wires of the heating pipes should be tightened regularly when in use, and the sewage should be discharged under pressure every day.