Constant temperature heating – cement curing

(2021 Fujian trip) Fujian Meiyi Prefabricated Components Co., Ltd.

Machine model: CH60kw 3 sets BH60kw 9 sets

Quantity: 12

Application: Conservation of cement components

Solution: The customer produces cement components such as municipal construction projects, underground passages, trench slabs, floor slabs, etc., and needs steam generators to maintain the cement components. The maintenance status depends on the type of components. According to production needs, start the machine and use it 24 hours a day.
1) Two sets of CH60kw supply two curing kilns respectively.
2) 4 sets of BH60kw and 1 set of CH60kw maintain the cement board covered by canvas.
3) One BH60kw maintains an underground pipeline of an airport, a total of 3 sets.
4) Two new BH60kw machines are not connected to water and electricity.

Customer Feedback: It works well and has enough steam. They have already bought more than a dozen units, and I will continue to buy them in the future.

On-site questions:
1. No. H20200017 BH60kw has a heating tube with low current, but it can be used.
2. It is recommended to discharge sewage under pressure every day.
3. Check or replace the safety valve and pressure gauge regularly.

(2019 Guangdong Tour) Guangzhou Municipal Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Huaguan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Machine model: AH72KW

Quantity: 3

Application: Curing concrete (pipe box)

Solution: One piece of equipment provides steam-cured concrete for a hydraulically adjustable combined steel formwork.

The pipe has two specifications:
1.13 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, and 4.5 meters high;
2.6 meters long and 2.4 meters wide , 4.5 meters high; the curing temperature does not exceed 104℉, and the curing takes about 24 hours to remove the film. The steam pipe is connected to the tee, and the steam is placed in the middle and goes on both sides. The steel formwork is sealed with oil cloth, and the steam is evenly diffused in the confined space for curing.

Customer Feedback: The maintenance effect is good, and they are also very appreciative of our equipment, so they also choose Wuhan-made equipment when purchasing other equipment.

Solve the problem: The equipment has been used for more than a year. Due to the lack of maintenance on the construction site, the surface of our equipment has been horribly damaged and beyond recognition. Mr. Wu replaced the glass tube for the customer and taught the customer in detail the daily use and maintenance. During the inspection of the equipment, it was found that one set of AC contactors was broken, and the customer was advised to replace them. The person in charge of the other two equipment sites did not arrange for water and electricity connection, so they could not be tested.

(2021 Fujian trip) China Railway 24th Bureau Group Fujian Railway Construction Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch

Machine model: AH72kw *2 sets AH108kw *3 sets

Quantity: 5

Application: cement maintenance

Solution: The customer specializes in the production of cement components for subway tunnels. Two types of steam generators provide heat for two curing kilns respectively. They are used non-stop throughout the day, and the usage depends on the season.

Customer Feedback: At present, the air volume is sufficient, but a curing kiln is planned to be opened later, and equipment will be added at that time. (The customer thinks that electricity is a bit expensive, and also said that natural gas can be connected now, please re-integrate the plan in the later stage of cooperation)

On-site questions:

1. The two AC contactors on the lower left and upper right of the No.E20180410 AH72kw are faulty, and one in the middle of the left of the number B20190295 AH108kw, The customer indicated that they should replace it by themselves.

2. The computer room is too closed, which is not conducive to heat dissipation and affects the service life of the equipment. It is recommended to increase the exhaust fan.

3. It is recommended that the water softener add salt and replace the resin regularly.

4. Check or replace the safety valve and pressure gauge regularly.