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(2018 Hebei trip) Anyang Haoke Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Machine model: NBS-AH72KW, two in March 2016, one in 2017 (idle)

Quantity: 3

Application: Cooperate with hot press machine to heat mold forming

The customer produces drone accessories (eg: propeller), and photography is not allowed in the workshop!
The 302℉ steam generated by the 72kw steam generator is connected to the hot press (table 1mx2.5m) to heat the mold to shape the drone parts.
It takes 1-2 hours for small molds (placed according to the surface area of the hot press table) to be heated and formed. The mold heating mainly goes through four stages: it takes about 15 minutes to raise the temperature from 176 ℉ to 212 ℉; it takes 30 minutes to heat up to 212 ℉ to 266 ℉, Keep the temperature at 266 ℉ for 30 minutes; cool down to 176 ℉ for 20 minutes, and finally the mold is formed.
It takes about 5 hours for a large mold (eg 2500mm* 500mm* 200mm*) to be heated and formed. The four stages of a large mold are different in size, and the time for each stage is different!

Client feedback:
1. The temperature of the mold is not stable enough due to insufficient steam;
2. The pump head is easy to freeze and crack.

On-site problems and solutions:
1. The pressure gauges of the two machines showed abnormality, the pressure gauges were replaced, and the test machine returned to normal.
2. The 2 safety valves of the 2 machines have not been calibrated for 4 years, and the pressure cannot be released normally. One of them was replaced, and the air pressure of the test machine was normal after the test machine. The other is due to insufficient spare parts. It is recommended that the customer replace it by himself.
3. The glass tubes of the water level gauges of the two machines were fouled, and the water level could not be seen clearly. They were replaced and returned to normal!
4. The water pump of 1 machine leaked and was replaced, and the test machine returned to normal.
5.Remind customers to use up the sewage with pressure every time.
6. The test water quality is high, it is recommended to dismantle the heating tube under the inner tank to clean the scale in the inner tank.
7. It is recommended that customers go to the Quality Supervision Bureau to check the safety valve and pressure gauge once a year or replace it with a new one.

Remarks: The production capacity will be expanded at the end of the year or early next year, the existing steam volume will not be enough, and the customer still has a safety valve that has not been replaced.

(2021 Shanxi trip) Shanxi Zhongkai Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Machine model: AH216KW (Purchase time 2019.3)

Number of units: 1

Application: Foaming with steam polyethylene

Solution: Use for 4 hours each time, heat up 110 degrees per ton of material, and only turn on 144KW (electrical load problem).

Client feedback:
1. The customer uses it less, but the current one is relatively good, the operation is simple, the brand benefits are good, the good brand is trustworthy, and there are basically no problems. Last time, the customer replaced the pump head by himself because of improper operation.
2. The quality of Nobles is still very good, and the after-sales service is also very good. Thank you for visiting for inspection and maintenance.

On-Site Questions: None

On-site training program:
1. Train customers to maintain basic operations of equipment.
2. Safety valves and pressure gauges are regularly inspected or replaced every year.
3. Security awareness training emphasizes.