Constant temperature heating – cable cross-linking

(2019 Guangdong trip) Guangdong Nanfang Zhongbao Cable Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 2 Jianye Middle Road, Xiaohuangpu, Ronggui, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Machine model: AH-48KW

Quantity: 4

Application: steaming cables

Solution: 3 sets of 3344-48kw equipment provide steam for three steaming boxes of the same size, and the other one is for backup. The steam box is 5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and 3 meters high. Each steam box is equipped with a solenoid valve, and the temperature is set at 194℉. It takes about 8 hours to steam and raise the two gears.

Customer Feedback: Easy to use and great results.

Solve the problem: the customer is basically unmaintained at ordinary times. The water treatment that comes with the equipment is not used, and the equipment is seriously scaled. Now the standby equipment line is burned. Under the careful maintenance of our Captain Wu, it is found that they have the wrong high-power heating pipe, and several devices have different problems. Some accessories are not in line with our company .They just have to change the accessories. The person in charge of the site said that the procurement process of public institutions should go through the process, and contact our company after purchasing accessories to guide them on how to replace them.

(2021 Zhejiang trip) Zhejiang Shengwu Cable Co., Ltd.

Machine model: BH72kw (purchased in 2020)

Quantity: 1

Application: Use steam to raise the temperature to cause chemical reactions in semi-finished products.

Solution: The size of the drying room is 6*2.5*3 (unit meter), the temperature is raised to 212℉ in one hour and then kept at a constant temperature for 3 hours, so that the steamed cables are resistant to high temperatures and have a long service life.

Client feedback:

1. The timer installed at the time of purchase can only control the time, which is not very practical. It should be equipped with a temperature control system, which can control the temperature of the constant temperature more accurately;

2. The water treatment equipment will not be connected, and it has been useless;

3. Some time ago, the equipment was not watered or heated, and it returned to normal after replacing the liquid level relay;

On-site questions:

1. The equipment starts to run at 10 o'clock in the evening, the 4th gear is fully open, and it works for 4 hours;

2. The reverse connection of the inlet and outlet pipes of the water treatment equipment has been corrected for the customer. The water supply tank is placed flat on the ground, and the pressure is not enough to supply water to the water treatment equipment. It is recommended that the customer add a booster pump;

3. Never discharged sewage before, has been trained how to discharge sewage under pressure and reminded to discharge sewage under pressure every day after the equipment stops running;

4. The control system is normal and the equipment is in good condition.