Steam Generator

Garment Ironing

(2019 Hubei trip) Yichang Prison in Tangshang Village, Dianjun District, Yichang City

Address: At the end of Wulong Avenue, Yichang Prison, Tangshang Village, Dianjun District, Yichang City, Hubei Province

Machine model: AH36KW

Quantity: 1

Application: Supporting ironing table

Solution: with 4 ironing tables

Customer feedback: The equipment was purchased in 2017 through the bidding process.

(2021 Henan trip) Xinxiang First People's Hospital

Machine model: NBS-AH60kw (purchased in July 2015)

Quantity: 6

Application: Washing, drying sheets, quilt covers and clothes (laundry room)

Plan: Connect the high-temperature steam generated by six 60kw electric steam generators to washing machines, dryers, and ironing machines to wash and dry sheets, quilt covers, and clothes, and iron sheets and quilt covers every day from 8 to 12 in the morning and in the afternoon Use at 3-6 o'clock. The high-temperature washing machine washes 200 sheets or 500 pieces of clothing per hour, and the ironing machine irons a sheet in 2 minutes.

Client feedback:
1. The machine is not maintained by a dedicated person, and the on-site personnel reported that the No. 4 machine cannot work normally;
2. When the washing machine and dryer work at the same time, the ironing machine has no steam, and the steam is not enough.

On-site problems and solutions:
There is no dedicated person for maintenance. In 2015, the machine was used for a long time and frequently. After overhaul, there were many problems. We are waiting for the customer to apply to the hospital for processing.
1.One contactor of machine No. 1.1 cannot work.
2.The two contactors of machine No. 2 cannot work.
3. One 18kw and one 12kw heating tube of No. 3 machine cannot work, and one contactor cannot work.
4. The liquid level float of the No. 4 machine cannot work, and the heating tube has not been detected.
5. The two 18kw heaters of machine No. 5 cannot work, and one contactor cannot work.
6. Two 18kw heaters and one 12kw heater of No. 6 machine cannot work.
It is recommended to replace all the above-mentioned accessories. The safety valve of the equipment has not been calibrated for many years, and one of them is leaking. It is recommended to replace all of them;

(2021 Shaanxi Trip) Xinjie Dry Cleaning Shop

Machine model: GH18KW (Purchase time 2020)

Quantity: 1

Application: steam washing machine, dryer matching

Solution: matching dryer 15kg, washing machine 15kg, use for 4 hours.

Client feedback:
1. Approved Nobeth brand, good after-sales service.
2. Simple operation and good quality.
3. Cost saving, high efficiency, saturated steam in 15 minutes.

On-site questions: None

On-site training program:
1.Train customers to maintain basic operations of equipment.
2. Safety valves and pressure gauges are regularly inspected or replaced every year.
3. Security awareness training emphasizes.