(2019 Jiangsu trip) Yancheng Ruize Masterbatch Co., Ltd.

Address: Xinxing Town, Tinghu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

Machine model: BH60KW

Number of sets: 5

Application: Supporting reaction kettle

Solution: The customer purchased 5 sets of equipment in total, and only 2 sets are working now. They are used for color batchmate, and are generally used for non-woven fabric coloring. The current 2 sets are supporting reactors, but the customer is unwilling to disclose the detailed process.

Customer Feedback: The customer bought a device in 2014. It was a probe, and it was used very well. The latter used a float type, and kept adding water. The customer’s water quality was not good, and the float valve was easy to get stuck. It is very troublesome to clean, so the master suggested to buy the probe type equipment when updating the equipment.

Solved The Problem: The liquid level float could not hold the water because there was too much scale and it got stuck. The master cleaned it up on site, and instructed that the sewage should be discharged under pressure every day, and the scale should be cleaned regularly.

(2021 trip to Shaanxi) Shaanxi Hanzhong Aviation Hongfeng Precision Machinery Tools Co., Ltd.

Machine model: AH36KW (Purchase time 2019/2021.7)

Number of units: 2 units

Uses: steam sterilization, cooking

Solution: Customers are not convenient to disclose

Client feedback:
1.Approved Nobeth brand, good after-sales service.
2. Simple operation, good quality, good brand.
3. In the later stage, another device needs to be purchased, and relevant business personnel will follow up.

Live question:
1. The sound of the water pump is too loud and there is no pressure. The new equipment will sell a water pump free of charge, and the use time will be 1 month.
2. The probe of the old equipment is not sensitive, and the customer is taught to clean it on site.

Field solution:
1. Train customers to maintain basic operations of equipment.
2. Safety valves and pressure gauges are regularly inspected or replaced every year.