Steam Generator

High temperature cleaning

(2018 Hebei trip) Bode steaming era in Xinle City, Hebei

Machine model: AH24KW

Quantity: 3

Uses: Used as a matching steam room

Solution: Two devices supply three steam rooms. Each steam room has different pharmacological formulas and different temperature requirements for the space. If the two devices work at the same time for about 30 minutes, the temperature of the three rooms can be raised. To the required temperature, the machine starts working from 11 o'clock in the daytime to 2 o'clock in the evening every day.

Customer feedback: They bought the equipment through a middleman, They don’t know much about the operation principle, and they don’t have anyone to guide them. If there is a problem, they can only find outsiders to solve it. This mobile car door-to-door service has dispelled many concerns, and they look forward to solving it in time in the future question.

(2019 Guangdong trip) Huizhou State Reserve Petroleum Base Co., Ltd.

Address: Country Garden Silver Beach School, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Machine model: Explosion-proof 36KW

Quantity: 1

Application: Cleaning pipes

Customer feedback: The equipment was bought last year, and it was used three times in total. The cleaning effect is good. The equipment is usually left idle in the grocery shed, and will be moved to the construction site for installation and use when it is needed.

Solution: The specifics are unknown. According to the worker's master, before each work, the impurity residue in the pipe will be blown clean with a steam gun.

Solve the problem:

The equipment is left idle in the shed, without water and electricity pipes, so it is impossible to test and test the machine. According to the operator, the equipment is running normally, and the operation steps are also in accordance with the instructions provided by us and posted on the front door of the machine. They don't know what the water softener that comes with the equipment does. It happened that Master Xiao Wu explained it to them on the spot, and asked them to call the next time the equipment is installed and used to guide how to operate and use water treatment, and told the user to tighten the power line regularly. Discharge sewage under pressure in time after use.