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(2019 Jiangsu trip) Nanjing Xiyuan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

Medical Disinfection Steam Machine

Address: Tangshan Cuigu Agricultural Demonstration Park, Shangfeng Community, Tangshan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.

Machine model: AH72KW/AH108KW Number of sets: 2 sets.

Uses: Supporting gas injection buffer tank, evaporation tank, extraction tank, and heating water.

Solution: The customer is engaged in the research and development of biomedical products and health food, specializing in the research and development of new traditional Chinese medicine and health food, mainly Fenglingsen brand ginseng capsules, etc., so our equipment is matched with their laboratory equipment, experiment Only when it is successful can it be mass produced.

1) The AH72KW equipment is mainly equipped with a 0.2 cubic gas injection buffer tank. The volume of the evaporation tank and the extraction tank is unknown (the customer does not know how large), and these equipment can be opened at the same time, reaching 4 pressures in ten minutes. Specifically The craft is not disclosed too much, because it is an experimental project;

2) AH108KW is mainly used to heat hot water. It takes about 1 hour to heat 1 ton of water to 176 .

Vertical Electric Steam Generation

Customer Feedback: The gas is produced quickly and the steam is sufficient. However, we hope that our equipment can be upgraded in the future. The customer has made improvements on the AH108KW and connected the mobile phone to control the start and stop of our equipment. This will make the operation more convenient.

Solve the problem:

1. The floating ball of the water tank of AH72KW can't hold the water, and the master adjusts and restores to normal use;

2. The heating tube coil of the AH108KW equipment is burnt out, and the master reminds to tighten the coil regularly;

3. The operators know the equipment very well, and discharge sewage under pressure every day;

4. Train customers to operate equipment correctly and perform daily maintenance.

(2018 Henan Trip) Henan Xinxiang Central Hospital

Packaging Machinery (106)

Machine model: NBS-AH-60kw;

Number of sets: 5 sets;

Uses: Used in conjunction with pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizers (sterilize surgical instruments and surgical gowns).

Solution: Five 60kw-AH are used with five pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizers. The size of one pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is 1.2 cubic meters, the normal working pressure is 2 pressures, and the temperature is 132 degrees. An electric control cabinet in the boiler room controls one steam generator, the steam pipes are connected in series, a large external water tank supplies water to five steam generators, and Tean has an air-conditioning cabinet to cool down the boiler room.

Remarks: After the purchase of the new machine, five 60kw steam generators are fully turned on, and only four sterilizers can be used normally, but not at the same time (the sterilizers used in this hospital are rarely turned on at the same time, and they are used alternately, such as This machine is discharging, and that machine starts to discharge, because only one or a few of the materials may be sterilized at a time, but just after this one is sterilized, the next wave of materials may come again, so this machine stops discharging use, another machine is loaded and started to use, which is alternate use). If the sterilizers work at the same time, five 60kw steam generators can only drive three sterilizers (this condition can be used to calculate how big a Nobles steam generator is for a sterilizer of the same model). However, at present, the five machines are fully turned on, and only two sterilizers can be used at the same time, and the three sterilizers can be used alternately (reason: several heating tubes are broken, and the gas production volume is reduced).

Energy Saving Steam Generator

Customer feedback: The pressure of the steam engine reaches five pressures, and it can be used normally when it is delivered to the sterilizer for two pressures. At present, the gas volume is not enough, and the loss of the heating tube is a bit large, but it is very convenient and the operation is very simple.

(2021 trip to Shaanxi) Huadong Medicine (Xi'an) Bohua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Cashew Nut Cooking Machine

Machine model: 120KW *2, 150KW (purchase time 2018.12)

Number of units: 3 units

Uses: It is mainly used as a backup when the steam in the pipeline is shut down, in the drying of preparation workshops, in fluidized beds, sandwich pots, and pasteurization.


1. The medicine is dried by a hot air box at a temperature of 70 degrees for 5 hours.

2. Dry the particles in a fluidize bed at a temperature of 120 degrees for 2 hours.

3. Heat water in a 200L sandwich pot at 85 degrees for 30 minutes.

4. Pasteurization temperature 80 degrees, time 30 minutes.

5. There are 3 workshops to install equipment. The production workshops cannot be entered. The production process is only dictated and cannot be photographed.

Steam Boiler For Rubber Plant
Packaging Machinery (109)

Customer feedback: I learned about the Nobles brand on the Internet, and the energy company bought one unit first when it was out of breath and used it urgently.

On-site problems: 1. The water quality is too hard, it is recommended that customers add water for treatment.

On-site training program:
1. Safety valves and pressure gauges have not been inspected regularly, and customers have been told to inspect at least once a year or replace them with new ones.
2. It is recommended to discharge the sewage with pressure after each use.
3. Safety operation knowledge training.

Steam Generator For Bridge Maintenance
Steam Maker For Steam Room