Packaging Machinery

(2021 Henan trip)Shanxi Hongtu Landscape Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Machine model: AH216KW (Purchase time 2020.06)


Application: Steam matching production of white cardboard

1.4 rubber rollers are preheated, the temperature is 320℉, and the speed is 11.7 min/m.
2.The upper sealing plate and the lower sealing plate instantly dry corn steep liquor, the temperature is 320℉,and the speed is 11.7 min/m.
3.Client feedback:I learned about the Nobeth brand on the Internet. During the one-year purchase period, the heat pipe and contactor were always burned during use.

On-site problems:

1. The on-site master judged that 4 heat pipes and 4 contactors were burned out.

2. The water quality is very poor and the on-site water treatment is not used properly.

3. The unknown solution flows back from the steam port to the furnace. It is recommended to install a check valve on the gas port.

On-site solution:

1. Replace 4 heat pipes and 4 contactors.

2. Try to clean up the unknown liquid in the furnace.

On-site training program:

1. Safety valves and pressure gauges have not been inspected regularly, and customers have been told to inspect at least once a year or replace them with new ones.

2. It is recommended to discharge the sewage with pressure after each use.

3. Safety operation knowledge training.

(2019 Shandong trip)Linyi Dingxu Packaging Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Address: Jinchang Community, Jiehu Town, Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province

Machine model: CH48KW

Quantity: 1

Application: boil glue

Solution: Add 800 kilograms of water and 70 kilograms of glue to boil in a 1 ton container. The steam produced by 48KW equipment enters the container through the pipeline and heats it for 1.5 hours. After stirring 1.5, it can be put into the glue pool of the reel.The paper is fixed into a cylinder after being covered with glue in the glue pool on one side of the drum in the reel machine, and finally molded for chemical products.

Customer feedback: Water treatment will not be installed

Solving the problem: When purchasing the equipment, it was equipped with a water treatment device, but they never knew how to install it, so they never used it. Today, Master Wu helped the company install it, and then trained it, explaining the precautions for use and the working principle of water treatment. In addition, the customer's sewage outlet is blocked and the sewage is not discharged smoothly. The after-sales master teaches the correct method of sewage discharge on site.

(2021 Henan trip)Zhengzhou Huaying Packaging Co., Ltd.

Machine model: NBS-GH24kw (purchased in December 2019);

NBS-GH24kw stainless steel *3 (purchased in April 2020)

Application:Explosion-proof wire

Solution: Each automatic production line of the customer’s carton production needs to be equipped with a steam generator. As an auxiliary equipment, it is mainly used to spray steam on the place where the cardboard needs to be folded, so as to prevent the machine from bursting when it is folded. It can process 5000-10000 pieces of cardboard in half an hour. 

Client feedback:

1. The glass tube of the water level gauge will break, resulting in water vapor in the case, which will damage the electronic components.

2. The check valve has been replaced twice.

3. Occasionally, the machine will not be filled with water.

On-site problems and solutions:

1. The inspection found that the glass tube of the water level gauge has a lot of scale, and the glass tube of a machine is broken. It is recommended that they replace all the glass tubes and replace them every 6 months to prevent the glass tube from breaking.

2. The hardness of the water quality is relatively high, the water level probe should be cleaned regularly, and the sewage should be discharged under pressure after the machine is used every day.

3. The safety valve and pressure gauge have not been calibrated, it is recommended that they check once or replace once a year.