Food Processing – Pasta Making

(2021 Shaanxi trip) Korean Rice Cake in Xi'an

Machine model: CH48KW (Purchase time 2019)

Number of units: 1

Uses: use steam to steam rice cakes

Solution: 100kg of grain, steamed for about 30 minutes, steamed two baskets of 20kg each time, steamed all in 2 hours, and the temperature was 284 ℉.

Client feedback:

1. During the use process, the customer feels that the air is released quickly and the use is simple and convenient. It has been more worry-free to use the Nobeth steam generator for 8 years. Six branches have been opened, all of which buy Nobeth's products. Nobeth Industrial has been sticking to it for more than 20 years. The upgraded steam generator is now more energy efficient than before.

2. Nobeth’s after-sales service is very good. It is more reassuring to use it for free on-site maintenance. After-sales problems can be solved quickly. There is a 24-hour telephone hotline for on-site problems and professional manufacturers.

Live question:
1. The glass of the water level gauge is blocked.
2. The probe is not sensitive.

On-site solution:
1. Replace the glass tube on site.
2. Disassemble the water level probe and clean it.

On-site training program:
1. Train customers to maintain basic operations of equipment.
2. Safety valves and pressure gauges are regularly inspected or replaced every year.
3. Security awareness training emphasizes.