How to troubleshoot gas steam generator steam temperature is too low?

Gas steam generator is also called gas steam boiler. Gas steam generator is an important part of steam power device. Power station boilers, steam turbines and generators are the main engines of thermal power stations, so power station boilers are important equipment for producing and processing electric energy. Industrial boilers are indispensable equipment for supplying steam required for production, processing and heating in various enterprises. There are many industrial boilers and they consume a lot of fuel. Waste heat boilers that use high-temperature exhaust gas as a heat source in the production process play an important role in energy saving.


When most steam is used, there are requirements for the temperature of the steam. High-temperature steam plays an important role in processes such as heating, fermentation, and sterilization. The temperature of Nobeth steam generators can generally reach 171°C, but sometimes customers report that the steam temperature is low and cannot meet the requirements. So, what is the reason for this kind of situation? How should we solve it? Let’s discuss it with you.

First of all, we need to figure out the reason why the steam temperature of the gas steam generator is not high. Is it because the steam generator is not powerful enough, the equipment is faulty, the pressure adjustment is unreasonable, or the steam temperature required by the user is too high, and a single steam generator cannot satisfy it.

The following different solutions can be adopted for different situations:
1. Insufficient power of the steam generator directly leads to the failure of steam output to meet production requirements. The amount of steam coming out of the steam generator cannot meet the amount of steam required for production, and the temperature is naturally not enough.
2. There are two reasons for equipment failure that causes the steam temperature coming out of the steam generator to be low. One is that the pressure gauge or thermometer fails and the real-time steam temperature and pressure cannot be accurately monitored; the other is that the heating tube is burned out, the amount of steam generated by the steam generator becomes smaller, and the temperature cannot meet production needs.
3. Generally speaking, the temperature and pressure of saturated steam are directly proportional. When the steam pressure is increased, the temperature will also rise. Therefore, when you find that the temperature of the steam coming out of the steam generator is not high, you can adjust the pressure gauge appropriately.

The steam temperature is not high because when the pressure is not higher than 1 MPa, it can reach a slightly positive pressure of 0.8 MPa. The internal structure of the steam generator is in a state of negative pressure (basically lower than atmospheric pressure, usually greater than 0). If the pressure is slightly increased by 0.1 MPa, there should be pressure adjustment. In other words, even if it is lower than 0, use It is also a steam generator within 30L, and the temperature will be higher than 100°C.

The pressure is higher than 0. Even though I don’t know what the size is, if it is greater than atmospheric pressure, it will be higher than 100 degrees. If the pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure, the temperature of the heat transfer oil is too low, or the evaporator coil is burnt and washed. Generally speaking, it is the physical property of water vapor. It will evaporate when it reaches 100, and the steam cannot easily reach higher temperatures.

When the steam gains pressure, the steam will detect a slightly higher temperature, but if it drops below normal atmospheric pressure, the temperature will immediately drop to 100. The only way to do something like this without pressure-raising a steam engine is to turn the steam into negative pressure. Every time the steam pressure increases by about 1, the temperature of the steam will increase by about 10, and so on, how much temperature is needed and how much pressure needs to be increased.


In addition, whether the steam temperature is high or not is targeted. If the above methods still cannot solve the problem of low steam temperature coming out of the steam generator, it may only be that the required temperature is too high and has exceeded the capacity of the equipment. In this case, If there are no strict requirements on pressure, consider adding a steam superheater.

In summary, the above are all reasons why the steam temperature of the steam generator is not high. Only by eliminating possible problems one by one can we find a way to increase the temperature of the steam coming out of the steam generator.

Post time: Jan-22-2024