0.05-2 ton Gas Oil Fired Steam Generator Boiler

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Nobeth fuel gas steam generator takes German membrane wall boiler technology as the core, also equipped with Nobeth’s
self-developed ultra-low nitrogen combustion, multiple linkage design, intelligent control system, independent operation platform and other leading technologies. It is more intelligent, convenient, safer and stabler, and has outstanding performance in energy saving and reliability. Compared with ordinary boilers, it is more time-saving, labor-saving, cost-reducing and increasing efficiency.

The exterior design of this equipment strictly follows the process of laser cutting, digital bending, welding molding, and
exterior powder spraying. It can also be customized to create exclusive equipment for you.
The control system develops a microcomputer fully automatic control system, an independent operation platform and a human-computer interactive terminal operation interface,reserving 485 communication interfaces. With 5G Internet technology, local and remote dual control can be realized. Meantime, it can also realize accurate temperature control, regular start and stop functions,operate according to your production needs, improve production efficiency and save production costs.The device is also equipped with a clean water treatment system, which is not easy to scale, smooth and durable. Professional innovative design, comprehensive use of cleaning components from water sources, gallbladder to pipelines,ensure The airflow and water flow are continuously unblocked, making the equipment safer and more durable.

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