0.3t Environmentally friendly Gasoil Steam Generator

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Analyzing the working performance of fuel gas working generator

The fuel gas steam generator is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving steam generator with outstanding product advantages. Since the water volume is less than 30L, it is within the scope of exemption from inspection. The inspection-free steam generator belongs to the production of the entire equipment. It can operate normally after being connected to electricity, water, and gas. , the product is relatively safe, convenient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. It can quickly produce steam in 3 minutes, and has unparalleled advantages over other steam boilers.

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Performance characteristics of fuel gas steam generator:
1. The internal structure design of the fuel gas steam generator is different: the normal water level and water volume of this equipment are less than 30L, which is within the scope of the relevant inspection-free standard, so there is no need to apply for a boiler use certificate, no need to hold a license to work, no annual inspection, no full-time job Personnel on duty.
2. Superiority of steam: The furnace is equipped with a built-in steam-water separator, which solves the long-standing problem of steam carrying water, and also ensures the superiority of steam. Steam can be produced quickly in 3 minutes.
3. Select the key components of high-quality electric heating tube: use stainless steel to make the electric heating tube, which is 30% longer than the common 304 stainless steel tube, which ensures the service life of the electric heating tube well, and the thermal efficiency reaches more than 98%. It is convenient for later replacement, repair and maintenance operation, and the electric heating tube is connected with the furnace body and flange.
4. Selection of high-quality components: All pipelines, instruments, and meters are connected by stainless steel or copper pipes, and electrical appliances of well-known domestic brands are used to make them safe and reliable in daily use, with luxurious equipment.
5. Multi-faceted interlocking safety protection function: In order to avoid accidents caused by excessive pressure, the product is equipped with overvoltage protection such as a pressure controller, and a low water level protection with authority to avoid damage or even burnout of the electric heating element. It also has leakage protection function, which can well guarantee the safety of operators and equipment.
6. One-button start is simple and convenient: all the equipment produced by our company has undergone strict debugging. Users only need to connect to the power supply and water source. Installation procedures.
7. Environmental protection and energy saving features: the burning fuel is relatively environmentally friendly, no pollutants are discharged during the burning process, and the burning fuel is relatively cheap, which can greatly save the operating cost of the equipment. It is currently a relatively environmentally friendly, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment.

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