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Steam Generator Furnace Water Classification

The use of steam generators is generally to convert water vapor into heat energy, so the water to be applied is water, and the quality of water used in steam generators has very strict requirements, and there are many types of water used in steam generators. Let me introduce some commonly used water for steam generators.

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1. Raw water. Also known as raw water, it refers to natural water without any treatment. Raw water mainly comes from river water, well water or city tap water.
2. Water supply. The water that directly enters the steam generator and is evaporated or heated by the steam generator is called steam generator feed water. Feed water generally consists of two parts: make-up water and production return water.
3. Water supply. During the operation of the steam generator, part of the water needs to be lost due to sampling, sewage discharge, leakage and other reasons. At the same time, the pollution of the production return water cannot be recovered, or when there is no steam return water, it is necessary to supplement the water that meets the standard water quality requirements. This part of the water is called make-up water. Make-up water is the part of the steam generator feed water that removes a certain amount of production recovery and supplements the supply. Since there are two quality standards for steam generator feed water, make-up water will usually be properly treated. Make-up water is equivalent to feed water when the steam generator does not produce return water.
4. Produce stagnant water. When utilizing the thermal energy of steam or hot water, its condensed water or low-temperature water should be recovered as much as possible, and this part of reused water is called production return water. Increasing the proportion of return water in feed water can not only improve water quality, but also reduce the workload of producing make-up water. If the steam or hot water is seriously polluted during the production process, it cannot be recycled.
5. Soften water. The raw water is softened so that the total hardness reaches the required standard. This water is called demineralized water.
6. Furnace water. Tap water for a steam generator system is called steam generator water. Referred to as furnace water.
7. Sewage. In order to remove impurities (excessive salinity, alkalinity, etc.) and suspended slag in the boiler water and ensure that the water quality of the steam generator meets the requirements of the GB1576 water quality standard, it is necessary to discharge part of the water from the corresponding part of the steam generator. This part of the water is called sewage .
8. Cooling water. The water used to cool the auxiliary equipment of the steam generator when the steam generator is running is called cooling water. Cooling water is usually raw water.
The type of steam generator used for water in each steam generator and the components used in the steam generator are different, so the water requirements of the steam generator are more stringent. Please remember to avoid many unnecessary situations.

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