2kw Electric Steam Generator for research in scientific research institutions and universities.

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Nobeth steam generators are widely used in experimental research in scientific research institutions and universities.

1. Experimental Research Steam Generator Industry Overview
1. Experimental research on supporting steam generators is mainly used in university experiments and scientific research, as well as experimental operations for enterprises to develop new products. The steam generators used for experiments have relatively strict requirements on steam, such as the purity of the steam, the heat conversion rate, and the Second steam flow rate, controllable and adjustable, steam temperature, etc.

2. Almost all steam equipment used in laboratories today is electric heating, which is safe and convenient, and the evaporation volume used in experiments is not very large. Electric heating can easily customize the steam requirements of the experiment.


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2. Steam thermal energy solutions for experiments

1. Customers need to provide accurate steam demand data. Experiments or scientific research will be extremely strict on the data used later.
2. Recommend corresponding machines or customize them according to customer experimental needs. Generally, they will be judged from the steam temperature, steam flow rate per minute and equipment pressure.
3. Based on the customer’s current conditions, machines are generally divided into two-phase and three-phase electrical equipment, which is a hard requirement.
4. If you encounter any problems before and during use of the machine, you must contact the manufacturer’s technical personnel in time, and do not operate randomly.
3. Nobeth Experimental Research on Advantages of Steam Generator
1. The product shell is made of thickened steel plate and uses a special spray painting process. It is exquisite and durable, and has a very good protective effect on the internal system. The color can also be customized according to your own needs.
2. The internal design of water and electricity separation is scientific and reasonable, and the functions are modular and independent operation, which enhances the stability during operation and extends the service life of the product.
3. The protection system is safe and reliable. It has multiple safety alarm control mechanisms for pressure, temperature and water level, which can automatically monitor and provide multiple guarantees. It is also equipped with a safety valve with high safety performance and good quality to protect production safety in an all-round way.
4. The internal electronic control system can be operated with one button, and the temperature and pressure are controllable. The operation is convenient and fast, saving a lot of time and labor costs, and improving production efficiency.
5. Microcomputer fully automatic control system, independent operation platform and human-computer interactive terminal operation interface can be developed. 485 communication interface is reserved, and with 5G Internet of Things communication technology, local and remote dual control can be achieved.
6. The power can be adjusted in multiple gears according to needs. Different gears can be adjusted according to different production needs to save production costs.


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