500 degree Electric Overheating Steam Generator for Lab

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Can a steam generator explode?

Anyone who has used a steam generator should understand that the steam generator heats water in a container to form steam, and then opens the steam valve to use the steam. Steam generators are pressure equipment, so many people will consider the explosion of steam generators.

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Why doesn’t the steam generator need to be inspected, and it won’t explode?
First of all, the volume of the steam generator is very small, and the water volume does not exceed 30L, which is within the national inspection-free product series. The steam generators produced by regular manufacturers have multiple protection systems. Once a problem occurs, the equipment will automatically cut off the power supply.
Product multiple protection system:
①Water shortage protection: The equipment is forced to shut down the burner due to water shortage.
② Low water level alarm: low water level alarm, turn off the burner.
③Overpressure protection: the system will alarm overpressure and turn off the burner.
④ Leakage protection: The system detects an abnormal power supply and forcibly shuts down the power supply. These protective measures are heavily blocked, and if there is a problem, the equipment will not continue to operate and will not explode.

However, as an important special equipment that is often used in daily life and production, steam generators have many safety problems during use. If we can understand and master the principles of these problems, we can effectively Avoid safety accidents.
1. Steam generator safety valve: The safety valve is one of the most important safety devices of the boiler, which can release and reduce pressure in time when the pressure is over-pressured. During the use of the safety valve, regular manual discharge or regular functional tests are required to ensure that there will be no problems such as rust and sticking that cause the safety valve to fail.

2. Steam generator water level gauge: The steam generator water level gauge is a device that intuitively displays the water level in the steam generator. It is a serious operation error that is higher or lower than the normal water level of the water level gauge, which can easily lead to accidents. Therefore, the water level gauge should be flushed regularly and the water level should be closely observed during use.

3. Steam generator pressure gauge: The pressure gauge intuitively reflects the operating pressure value of the boiler, indicating that the operator must not operate under excessive pressure. Therefore, the pressure gauge is required to be calibrated every six months to ensure sensitivity and reliability.
4. Steam generator blowdown device: The blowdown device is a device that discharges scale and impurities in the steam generator, which can effectively control the steam generator from scaling and slag accumulation. At the same time, often touch the rear pipe of the blowdown valve to check whether there is leakage. .
5. Atmospheric pressure steam generator: If the atmospheric pressure boiler is installed correctly, there will be no overpressure explosion problem, but the atmospheric pressure boiler must pay attention to antifreeze in winter. If the pipeline is frozen to death, it must be manually thawed before use, otherwise the pipeline will be damaged. It is very important to stop the overpressure explosion.Superheater system04company introduction02 partner02 excibition How electric process

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