54kw Electric Steam Generator for Food Processing

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Use clean steam in food processing

When food and beverage manufacturers and enterprises use hot network steam or ordinary industrial steam, they are often not suitable for direct contact with food, nor are they suitable for direct contact with food containers, material pipelines and other applications that require cleanliness or cleanliness, because this will lead to a certain risk of contamination. .

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Processes and applications that come into direct contact with food, food containers, material pipelines, etc. must use treated clean steam or clean steam. Usually clean steam or clean steam at least contains the dryness of the steam itself (condensate water content), no impurities and other pollutants, non-condensable gas content, superheat, stable steam pressure and temperature, matching flow rate, condensate water purity or Conductivity.
When steam is transported over long distances, a large amount of condensed water will be generated due to heat dissipation and condensation. The presence of condensed water will corrode carbon steel steam pipes, causing yellow water or yellow-brown sewage. These contaminated steam will have a greater impact on the steam system. In engineering practice, excess connecting materials, incompletely flushed pipe welding slag, and even some installation tools, valve internals, gaskets and other impurities have been found in steam pipelines.
The presence of non-condensable gases such as air will have another impact on the temperature of the steam. The air in the steam system is not eliminated or not completely eliminated. On the one hand, because air is a poor conductor of heat, the presence of air will form cold spots, causing adhesion. The air product does not reach the design temperature.
Chemical agents are added to the boiler or steam pipe network to protect the safe operation of the boiler for purposes such as deoxidation, corrosion retardation, flocculation and sewage discharge, and prevention of scaling. These chemicals can even be toxic and must be taken care of.
The core structure of Watt’s clean steam super filtration device adopts columnar sintered stainless steel multi-stage multi-layer ultrafiltration. It has a stable shape and good design diameter passability. It can filter particulate pollutants, powders, organic matter, bacteria, etc. in the steam according to requirements. Porous metal powder sintered materials have many advantages, including good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and good thermal stability.
316 stainless steel clean steam super filtration device is used to clean or clean steam in beverage, food processing, biological fermentation, health care product manufacturing and other fields. Nobis super clean steam equipment provides suitable steam application solutions based on the pollution level of industrial steam and food safety requirements.


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