Energy Saving Automatic Electric Steam Generator GH series Helps in the Fight Against the Epidemic

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Steam generator improves the quality of mask production, and steam helps in the fight against the epidemic

Due to the recurrence of epidemics, masks have become an indispensable product in people’s daily lives. Meltblown cloth is required in the process of making masks. With the sudden rise of masks, many manufacturers have joined in the production of masks. middle. Therefore, the market has increasingly higher requirements for the quantity and quality of melt-blown cloth. How to improve the quality and production efficiency of melt-blown cloth has become an important issue for manufacturers.

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So how to improve the production efficiency and quality of meltblown cloth?

In fact, this is related to the shortage of supply and melt-blown equipment. The development cycle during the production of melt-blown cloth is too long. Furthermore, the production and installation of equipment is relatively troublesome. There are many requirements for processing technology, which also leads to the overall production capacity of melt-blown cloth. It is impossible to go up, and melt-blown cloth manufacturers have begun to gradually adjust technical means and processing techniques to meet the continuously increasing production capacity needs of melt-blown cloth.

The steam generator plays a major role in the production process. After mixing, heating, melting, extrusion, spinning and other processes, the melt-blown non-woven semi-finished product roll is made. The clean steam generated by the steam generator, Not only does it have the function of sterilization and disinfection, but the high-temperature steam produced can improve the toughness of the melt-blown cloth. This is mainly due to the continuous heat supply of the high-temperature steam produced by the steam generator, which can reduce processing time and increase production capacity. played an important role.

In the production process of melt-blown cloth, temperature plays a vital role. If the temperature is not suitable and fluctuates, it will seriously affect the production. The most important thing in the production process is the hot air flow. If it is not properly controlled, it will cause fiber Cracking seriously affects the flexibility of the meltblown fabric. Nobeth steam generator can accurately control each production link and control the temperature to a suitable production condition.

During the production process of melt-blown cloth, try to avoid the penetration of moisture, which will directly affect the filtration effect of melt-blown cloth. Nobeth steam generator can turn humid water vapor into dry steam, which can well avoid the problem of moisture penetration, which can also maintain the filtration effect of melt-blown cloth.

There is also the role of sterilization and disinfection. As a filtering device, meltblown cloth actually needs to be relatively clean. It is best not to be contaminated by secondary pollution. If it is contaminated, the mask produced will easily appear. There are quality problems, and after people wear them, they are prone to respiratory infections or other infection problems. Nobeth steam generator generates high-temperature steam, which has a sterilizing effect on melt-blown cloth. This can ensure the efficiency of the manufacturer and the health of customers, thereby improving the reputation of the manufacturer and making better preparations for subsequent sales.

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