48KW 0.7Mpa Electric Heating Steam Generator

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NOBETH-B steam generator is a mechanical device that uses electric heating to heat water into steam.It mainly consists of a water supply, automatic control, heating, safety protection system and a bladder.There is no open flame,no need for someone to take care of it.It is easy to operate and can save your time.

It uses thickened and high-quality steel plates. It adopts a special spray paint process, which is beautiful and durable. It is small in size, can save space, and is equipped with universal wheels with brakes, which is convenient to move.
This series of steam generators can be widely used in biochemicals, food processing, clothing ironing, canteen heat
preservation&steaming, packaging machinery, high-temperature cleaning, building materials, cables, concrete steaming&curing, planting, heating&sterilization, experimental research, etc. It is the first choice of a new type of fully automatic, high efficiency, energy saving and environmentally friendly steam generator that replaces traditional boilers.

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