Hot selling Automatic Electric Heating Steam Generator CH series 48kw improves rubber track quality

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Steam generator improves rubber track quality

In China, many common campus runways, gymnasium runways, and fitness trails are all rubber runways paved with rubber.

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The rubber of the rubber track is a highly elastic polymer compound made from the latex of rubber trees, rubber grass and other plants, which is elastic, insulating, impermeable to water and air. It is divided into two types: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made from gum obtained from rubber trees, rubber grass and other plants; synthetic rubber is obtained from the polymerization of various monomers. Rubber products are widely used in various aspects of industry or daily life.

The rubber track is flexible and elastic and is internationally recognized as the best all-day outdoor sports ground material. However, during use, phenomena such as the rubber track being impermeable, not wear-resistant, aging quickly, and elasticity disappearing may occur. So how to use a steam generator to improve the resilience of the rubber track? The editor of Nobeth will learn about it with you today:

High temperature steam increases the glue content
The rubber of the rubber track is a polymer made from the latex of rubber trees, rubber grass and other plants. The raw material must be heated to melt it into a highly viscous rubber liquid. The higher the viscosity of the rubber liquid, the better the elasticity of the particles after cooling and solidification. The steam generator can generate continuous steam. The high-temperature steam molecules are quickly separated in the reaction kettle, which can heat the particles evenly and make the melting points of the rubber liquid consistent, which can greatly increase the rubber content.

Accurate temperature control improves resilience
Scientific temperature control is very important. The steam generator can accurately control the steam temperature according to the process needs, so that the particles melt at the ideal temperature. This not only ensures the resilience, but also makes the rubber track smooth and resistant to pressure. It has high hardness, appropriate elasticity, stable physical function, and is not prone to cracking, peeling, fading and whitening.

Steam heats up quickly
The steam generator heats up quickly and can produce steam in a few minutes. It heats up the reactor quickly and is very efficient. At the same time, using gas as fuel reduces fuel costs to a great extent. It is also equipped with an energy-saving device that can recycle the waste heat generated during equipment installation, which can reduce costs by about 40%. This is why steam generators are used in large-scale industrial production.

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