NBS BH 72KW How much does a electric steam boiler cost?

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What is the general price of a ton of electric steam boiler?

Summary: How much does a ton of electric steam boiler cost?
Speaking of which, first of all, we need to understand the types of electric steam boilers, also known as electric steam generators. Steam generators are classified according to the fuel used, and are divided into gas steam generators, oil steam generators, electric heating steam generators, and biomass steam generators.
Secondly, it is also very important to understand the significance of a 1-ton steam generator. The 1 ton here is not the weight nor the size, but the steam output per hour is 20. A one-ton steam generator refers to a steam generator with a gas output of one ton per hour. One ton of water is heated per hour. of steam.

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When selecting and inquiring, the scope of application and the fuel system used by the company need to be considered. Compared with gas, electric steam generators are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. After using the electric steam generator system, the self-collection fee per ton of steam is reduced from the average balance of 600 yuan to 230 yuan, which is 120 yuan lower than that of gas boilers. . For example, if a clothing factory uses an electric steam generator, the production cost can be saved by 460,000 yuan.
Wuhan Nobeth shoulders the mission of “making the world cleaner with steam”. After many operations and debugging, it has optimized the water volume, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the electric heating steam regenerative boiler system. While meeting the production needs of the enterprise, it “uses water to “On behalf of steam” storage creates maximum economic benefits for enterprises.
Wuhan Nobeth Electric Heating Steam Generator does not require any boiler formalities, and it occupies a small area and is easy to operate, so it is very popular among users. The electric heating steam generator is equipped with a microcomputer LCD touch screen + PLC programmable control cabinet, supports local and remote dual control, and has three electrical and electronic control protection and alarm functions of double overpressure, double water level and overtemperature, making it safe and worry-free during use.
The price of one-ton electric heating steam generator in Wuhan Nobeth can be calculated based on actual demand. For example, the current electricity consumption per hour is about 720 kilowatt-hours, and the current industrial electricity consumption is one yuan per kilowatt-hour. Then the calculated cost is 720 yuan. money.

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