If you want to have a safe stay when traveling, its role is indispensable

With the continuous improvement of the national economy and living standards, people’s pursuit of quality of life is gradually increasing. During the holidays, more and more people choose to travel to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

One of the industries closely related to tourism is accommodation in scenic spots. Only by staying at ease can you have fun. The most important thing when choosing a hotel to stay in is the hygiene. Only a safe and hygienic environment can truly make your stay comfortable.


There are two types of hygiene in hotels: visible and invisible. What is visible is the cleanliness of the room, and what is invisible is the disinfection of bed sheets, quilt covers and some wash towels. Hotels have many rooms but a fixed number of staff, and hotels and guesthouses in scenic spots have a large flow of people, especially during the peak tourist season. In order to ensure that supply keeps up with demand and to ensure the safety and hygiene of tourist accommodation environments, equipment that can save time and efficiently disinfect and sterilize is indispensable.

In order to solve this problem, a hotel in a scenic spot in Hubei purchased multiple steam generators from Nobeth in 2017 and 2021 respectively for use in the hotel laundry room. The washing machine, dryer and ironing machine in the hotel laundry room all cooperate with Nobeth steam generators to provide heat sources for the cleaning, drying and ironing of linen. At the same time, they provide high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization in each link. Comprehensively ensure the safety and hygiene of every guest.

Wuhan Nobeth Thermal Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in the hinterland of central China and the thoroughfare of nine provinces, has 23 years of experience in steam generator production and can provide users with personalized customized solutions.

Nobeth has always adhered to the five core principles of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, safety and inspection-free, and has independently developed fully automatic electric heating steam generators, fully automatic gas steam generators, fully automatic fuel steam generators, and environmentally friendly steam generators. There are more than 200 single products in more than ten series, including biomass steam generators, explosion-proof steam generators, superheated steam generators, and high-pressure steam generators. The products are sold well in more than 30 provinces and more than 60 countries.


As a pioneer in the domestic steam industry, Nobeth has 23 years of industry experience, possesses core technologies such as clean steam, superheated steam, and high-pressure steam, and provides overall steam solutions to customers around the world. Through continuous technological innovation, Nobeth has obtained more than 20 technology patents, served more than 60 Fortune 500 companies, and became the first batch of boiler manufacturers in Hubei Province to win high-tech awards.

Post time: Nov-16-2023