Is it difficult to clean oil stains in winter?Steam generator easily solves

In winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and most of the oil stains solidify quickly under the influence of low temperature, making cleaning difficult. So, how to clean the oil stains thoroughly in winter?


Everyone knows that oil stains are easier to clean in a hot environment. Generally, hot water is used to clean oil stains, and it is much easier to clean in summer than in winter. When the temperature is low, oil stains will become more stubborn and difficult to clean. In winter, using high temperature to clean the steam generator is a very good way to quickly clean the kitchen grease.

Steam can reach a certain temperature. Under the action of high-temperature steam, oil stains will melt after being exposed to high temperatures. The steam can easily remove oil stains through thermal degradation.

Many traditional methods of cleaning oil stains use chemical reagents, which can cause great damage to the oil fumes attached to the oil stains. The generated wastewater pollutes the environment, which is neither environmentally friendly nor convenient. Some corners and corners cannot be wiped clean at all, and cleaning is not clean either. In addition, there are many cleaning methods, such as scrubbing, boiling, vibration cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and other conventional methods. Each cleaning method has its own advantages, but the high-temperature cleaning method of the steam generator is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and does not damage any parts. , Environmentally friendly and energy-saving cleaning methods have risen to directly affect the production environment. Thoroughness, efficiency, and whether it is destructive to the external environment have become increasingly important in various fields of industrial production. The high-pressure cleaning steam generator uses saturated steam to remove oil stains on the surface of machinery and vaporizes it, which has outstanding performance in the metal processing industry.


High-temperature cleaning steam generators are suitable for equipment in various places, such as oil stain cleaning of mechanical parts, kitchen oil stain cleaning, pipeline cleaning, engine cleaning, etc. The use of steam generators has high cleaning efficiency, and it can achieve high efficiency and good cleaning quality. , because it generates clean high-temperature steam, it can also perform high-temperature disinfection while cleaning, making it a dual-use machine for happy cleaning.

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Post time: Jan-22-2024