Nobeth Watt series gas steam generator

After the “double carbon” goal was proposed, relevant laws and regulations have been promulgated across the country, and corresponding regulations have been made on the emission of air pollutants. Under this scenario, traditional coal-fired boilers are becoming less and less advantageous, and fuel, gas and steam Generators gradually take over some of their positions in industrial production.


Nobeth Watt series steam generator is one of the series of Nobeth oil and gas steam generators. It is a vertical internal combustion fire tube steam generator. The high-temperature flue gas generated by the combustion of the burner washes away from the bottom of the first return furnace, the second return smoke pipe, and then is discharged into the atmosphere from the lower smoke chamber and the third return smoke pipe through the chimney.

Nobeth Watt series steam generators have the following features:

1. Fast steam production, steam will be released in 3 seconds after starting up, and the steam will be saturated in 3-5 minutes, with stable pressure and no black smoke, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves operating costs;
2. Prefer imported burners and adopt advanced technologies such as flue gas circulation, classification, and flame division to greatly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions;
3. Automatic ignition, automatic alarm and protection for combustion faults;
4. Sensitive response and simple maintenance;

5. Equipped with water level control system, heating control system and pressure control system;
6. Remote control can be achieved;
7. Equipped with energy-saving device, continuous operation can save up to 20% energy;
Low-nitrogen burners can be customized for fuel and gas above 8.0.3t.


The Watt series can be used in multiple industries and scenarios, including concrete maintenance, food processing, biochemical engineering, central kitchens, medical logistics, etc.

Post time: Mar-27-2024