Q:What is the preparation work before operation of ultra-low nitrogen steam generator

A:1. Check whether the gas pressure is normal;
2. Check whether the exhaust duct is unobstructed;
3. Check whether the safety accessories (such as: water meter, pressure gauge, safety valve, etc.) are in an effective state. If they do not meet the regulations or have no inspection period, they should be replaced before they can be ignited;
4. Detect whether the pure water in the top pure water storage tank meets the demand of the steam generator;
5. Check whether there is any air leakage in the gas supply pipeline;
6. Fill the steam generator with water, and check whether there is water leakage in the manhole cover, hand hole cover, valves, pipes, etc. If leakage is found, the bolts can be properly tightened. If there is still leakage, the water should be stopped immediately. After putting water in place, change the bedding or perform other treatments;
7. After water intake, when the water level rises to the normal liquid level of the liquid level gauge, stop the water intake, try to open the drain valve to drain water, and check whether there is any blockage. After stopping the water intake and sewage discharge, the water level of the steam generator should remain Consistent, if the water level slowly drops or rises, find out the reason, and then adjust the water level to the low water level after troubleshooting;
8. Open the sub-cylinder drain valve and steam outlet valve, try to drain the accumulated water in the steam pipeline, and then close the drain valve and steam outlet valve;
9. Detect water supply equipment, soda water system and various valves, and adjust the valves to the specified positions.

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