The packaging of valuables is inseparable from foam boards, and the production of foam boards is inseparable from the important role of steam

Foam board is widely used in the field of packaging, as packaging materials for electronics and household appliances, and secondly, it is also used in the fields of cultural and sporting goods, construction and civil engineering, as wall insulation and thermal insulation materials. Foam is used in almost every walk of life. Do you know how bubbles are produced? What does a steam generator have to do with foam production?
Generally speaking, the production of foam board needs to go through seven steps. In the first step, put the foam board resin and various auxiliary materials into the hot mixing pot and mix them evenly. Finally sieve and store. In the official process of foam production, as the powdery material is extruded by the extruder, the temperature changes, the material gradually becomes fluid, and the foaming agent in the material begins to decompose, because the pressure in the extruder and the mold is relatively high High, so the gas dissolves into the PVC object. The moment the material is extruded, the gas expands rapidly, and then it is put into the forming mold to cool, and finally forms a foam board, which is then divided according to the size requirements of the user.

important role of steam
The most important function of the steam generator in the whole foam production process is heating. Temperature is very important for the production of foam boards. The high temperature and high pressure steam generated by the steam generator is used to heat the foam raw material. Dissolution of the foam slabs cannot be accomplished in the first step of the process without the addition of high temperature steam from a steam generator.
Nobeth steam generators use burners imported from abroad, and adopt advanced technologies such as flue gas circulation, classification, and flame division, which greatly reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides, which is far lower than the “ultra-low emission” (30mg , /m) standard stipulated by the state; Design honeycomb heat exchange device and steam waste heat condensation recovery device, the thermal efficiency is as high as 98%; at the same time, it also has multiple safety protection technologies such as high temperature, high pressure, and water shortage, self-inspection and self-inspection + third-party professional inspection + official authority supervision + safety commercial insurance , one machine with multiple functions, one certificate, more secure.

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