What details should be paid attention to when purchasing a steam generator?

The purchase of steam generators should meet the following conditions:
1. The amount of steam should be large.
2. The safety is better.
3. Easy to use and simple to operate, preferably one-click operation.
4. Exquisite appearance and cheap price.

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1. Thermal efficiency. Some companies choose low-efficiency steam generators for cheap, which is beneficial in the short term, but over time they will find that the fuel consumption of low-efficiency steam generators is very high, and the gas production per unit fuel is also very low. Come to suffer a loss.

2. Rated evaporation capacity. The choice of a steam generator with an evaporation capacity should be based on your own needs. If your own steam demand is small, and you buy a steam generator with a large rated evaporation capacity, it is overkill; but if you have a large demand for steam, but you buy a steam generator with a small rated evaporation capacity, it is like using a steam generator with a small rated evaporation capacity. A train pulled by oxen cannot move it.

3. Rated steam pressure. Each company has its own gas consumption standards, and there are many types of steam, and the pressure value distribution range is wide, so when buying a steam generator, the rated steam pressure is also a big point.

4. Rated steam temperature. In the same way as the rated steam pressure, the selection of the rated steam temperature of the steam generator should always be based on the needs of the steam-using equipment. If the steam-using equipment requires high-temperature steam, then a steam generator with an appropriate rated steam temperature should be selected.

As mentioned above, when buying a steam generator, you should pay attention to issues such as equipment thermal efficiency, rated evaporation capacity, rated steam pressure, rated steam temperature, etc., and which brand of steam generator to choose should be based on your own needs.

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