What happens when a steam generator generates steam?

The purpose of using a steam generator is actually to form steam for heating, but there will be many subsequent reactions, because at this time the steam generator will start to increase the pressure, and on the other hand, the saturation temperature of the boiler water will also gradually and continuously increase.

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As the water temperature in the steam generator continues to rise, the temperature of the bubbles and the metal wall of the evaporation heating surface also gradually rises. We must pay attention to the temperature of thermal expansion and thermal stress. Since the thickness of the bubbles is relatively thick, it is very important in the boiler heating process. One problem is thermal stress.

In addition, the overall thermal expansion problem must also be taken into consideration, especially for the tubes on the heating surface of the steam generator. Due to the thin wall thickness and length, the problem during the heating process is the overall thermal expansion. In addition, attention must be paid to its thermal stress to avoid Failure to do so may result in malfunction.

When the steam generator forms steam and raises the temperature and pressure, there is a temperature difference along the thickness of the bubble and a temperature difference between the upper and lower walls. When the inner wall temperature is greater than the outer wall temperature and the upper wall temperature is greater than the bottom, in order to avoid excessive thermal stress , the boiler needs to be slowly boosted.

When the steam generator is igniting and boosting pressure, the steam parameters of the boiler, the water level and the working conditions of each component are constantly changing. Therefore, in order to effectively avoid abnormal problems and other unsafe accidents, experienced staff must be arranged to strictly monitor changes in various instrument prompts.

According to the adjustment and control of pressure, temperature, water level and some process parameters within a certain allowable range, the stability and safety factors of various instruments, valves and other parts must also be assessed. How can we fully ensure the safety and stability of the steam generator? operation.

The higher the pressure of the steam generator, the energy consumption will become higher and higher, and the pressure received by the corresponding steam equipment, its piping system and valves will also gradually increase, which will increase the protection and maintenance requirements of the steam generator. The ratio increases, and the proportion of heat dissipation and loss caused by the steam generated and transported will increase.

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The salt contained in high-pressure steam will also increase as the air pressure increases. These salts will cause structural phenomena in the heating areas such as water-cooled wall tubes, flues and drums, causing overheating, blistering, clogging and other problems. In serious cases, it can Causing safety problems such as pipeline explosions.

Post time: Mar-26-2024