What is an ultra-low nitrogen steam generator?

Things about ultra-low nitrogen generators
What is an ultra-low nitrogen steam generator?

Due to the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in various regions of our country, low-nitrogen steam generators have become the first choice for many users. In order to control air pollution problems and minimize industrial pollution, my country has introduced boiler low-nitrogen combustion technology. In order to promote the promotion and development of this technology and control the emission of nitrogen oxides in various industries, the country has promulgated strict nitrogen oxide emission standards.

Generally speaking, low-nitrogen steam generators reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions in boiler flue gas to specified standards. The emission concentration standards of ultra-low nitrogen gas generators are below 30 mg.


Working principle of ultra-low nitrogen generator

The principle of ultra-low nitrogen steam generator is to use exhaust smoke recirculation technology in the furnace. The low nitrogen content of nitrogen oxide compounds can reach less than 30 mg. The smoke is mixed into the combustion air, reducing the oxygen concentration of the combustion air, and reducing NOx in gas fuel boilers. Emissions technology. The ultra-low nitrogen steam generator emits smoke from the economizer outlet and enters the secondary air or primary air. When entering the secondary air, the flame center is not affected. The flame temperature must be lowered to reduce the generation of thermal NOx, change the combustion situation of the low-nitrogen steam generator, and adjust the combustion process.

Low-nitrogen principle: The low-nitrogen steam generator uses a low-nitrogen burner. The furnace barrel is longer than an ordinary burner, which can increase the air storage capacity. The flame is ejected from the multi-thin tube, reducing the furnace temperature and effectively preventing the generation and discharge of nitrogen oxides. Therefore, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The low-nitrogen steam generator is mainly composed of a water supply system, an automatic control system, a furnace, a heating system and a support system. There is interaction between each part and it is indispensable. If one of the components fails, the equipment will not work properly.


Features of ultra-low nitrogen steam generator

1. The ultra-low nitrogen steam generator has fast combustion speed, complete combustion and no coking phenomenon in the furnace. Moreover, the ultra-low nitrogen steam generator is not restricted in the use site and is also suitable for outdoor use.
2. High efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving are the main advantages of ultra-low nitrogen steam generators. There are no other impurities in combustion and will not affect the equipment itself and its related accessories. Ultra-low nitrogen steam generators have a long service life.
3. The ultra-low nitrogen steam generator only takes 2-3 minutes from ignition to steam output.
4. The ultra-low nitrogen steam generator has a compact structure and a small footprint.
5. No professional boiler workers are needed to achieve fully automatic operation with one click.

Post time: Nov-20-2023