What is the function of steam generator in pharmaceutical engineering

1. Liquid heating
The application of steam generator in medicine is mainly used for heating liquid medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. For example, Chinese medicine preparations, Chinese medicine injections, hot iron preparations used in injections are heated with steam. In the production of traditional Chinese medicine, it is often necessary to cook Chinese herbal medicine at high temperature to kill bacteria and viruses, thereby improving the curative effect of the medicine. At the same time, it can reduce the harm caused by the medicine to the human body during the use process, so as to achieve better effect. Traditional Chinese medicine preparations are mostly heated by steam, which can not only shorten the delivery time between medicines, but also be safe and effective. In addition, the medicine can also be stored in the sun to reduce costs. And it can save a lot of time and manpower, which is a good energy-saving method. It is heated by the water in the heater and radiator through the steam generator, so that it can effectively maintain the level of water molecules, so that the medicine can reach a better temperature and steam heating effect, and then achieve the effect of sterilization and cooling.

2. Liquid cooling
In order to achieve the ideal cooling effect of the drug, it is usually necessary to heat and evaporate the drug liquid, and then it can be sent to the production equipment for use after cooling. Due to the nature of the material itself, it cannot be stirred under any conditions, so the cooling of the drug can only be carried out by other means. If the medicine is heated and cooled, not only a lot of energy is wasted, but also it is not conducive to the stability of the quality of the medicine. Therefore, it can be heated and cooled rapidly according to the requirements of the liquid medicine, so as to achieve the maximum efficacy and volatilize the active ingredients of the medicine. To achieve the best, or even higher results. For pharmaceuticals, the activity will be lost during the production process, resulting in a decline in product quality (of course, toxic substances may also be produced). This requires distillation to make the medicinal liquid achieve the desired effect. A steam generator is a very efficient and flexible device. It usually includes steam generator (or its combination)-hot water circulation device-steam generator-condenser or cold water-condensed water cooling equipment and water equipment circulation equipment and other related equipment. This method can not only cool the medicine, but also effectively reduce its moisture content, and concentrate or dry the medicine. Adopting this method can not only improve raw material utilization rate and drug efficacy, but also prevent poisoning and other adverse effects caused by overheating or fire. Therefore, this method is often used in the pharmaceutical process to reduce drug loss, improve quality and yield, and maintain the original use.
3. Chemical agents, etc.
Chemical dosage forms are generally composed of water, salt and other ingredients, such as ethylene glycol, ammonia water, methanol, ether, chloroform, etc. After these raw materials are processed, they can be made into various liquid dosage forms and auxiliary materials. For example, ethanol is hydrolyzed into acetaldehyde (BE), methanol is dehydrated to obtain galactose of methanol; hemicellulose of cellulose acetate is dissolved to obtain kraft pulp, etc. There is also chlorine and hydrolysis products used in some chemical products; it also has a good degreasing effect. Can be used in medicine. For example, drying with a steam generator can reduce product moisture and promote uniform cooling of drugs; it is beneficial to product quality control; it can also reduce operating pressure and save energy. The use of steam to heat various chemical preparations can generally be divided into two methods: evaporative crystallization and hot air cooling. The production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations does not require preheating and drying, which saves energy. However, it is easy to cause pollution during the heating process, so the steam generator must strictly control the heating temperature and steam composition ratio. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry needs to design liquid medicine tanks of different sizes according to different formulas, which can be used by dozens of people at the same time, and can also be fully automated through the controller. It also ensures the stability of drug quality; avoids environmental pollution, and cannot resume production in time after product problems occur.


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