What you need to know about boiler design qualifications

When manufacturers manufacture boilers, they first need to obtain a boiler manufacturing license issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. The production scope of different levels of boiler production licenses is quite different. Today, let’s talk with you about two or three things about boiler production qualifications, and add some basis for you to choose a boiler manufacturer.


1. Classification of boiler design and manufacturing qualifications

1. Class A boiler: steam and hot water boiler with rated outlet pressure greater than 2.5MPa. (Class A covers Class B. Class A boiler installation covers GC2 and GCD class pressure pipe installation);
2. Class B boilers: steam and hot water boilers with rated outlet pressures less than or equal to 2.5MPa; organic heat carrier boilers (Class B boiler installation covers GC2 grade pressure pipe installation)

2. Description of the division of boiler design and manufacturing qualifications

1. The scope of Class A boiler manufacturing license also includes drums, headers, serpentine tubes, membrane walls, pipes and pipe components within the boiler, and fin-type economizers. The manufacturing of other pressure-bearing parts is covered by the above-mentioned manufacturing license. Not licensed separately. Boiler pressure-bearing parts within the scope of Class B licenses are manufactured by units holding boiler manufacturing licenses and are not licensed separately.
2. Boiler manufacturing units can install boilers manufactured by themselves (except bulk boilers), and boiler installation units can install pressure vessels and pressure pipes connected to boilers (except for flammable, explosive and toxic media, which are not restricted by length or diameter).
3. Boiler modifications and major repairs should be carried out by units with corresponding levels of boiler installation qualifications or boiler design and manufacturing qualifications, and no separate license is required.

3. Nobeth Boiler Manufacturing Qualification Description

Nobeth is a group enterprise integrating steam generator R&D, production, sales and service. It owns Wuhan Nobeth Thermal Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Nobeth Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Nobeth Import and Export Co., Ltd. The company and many other subsidiaries were the first in the industry to obtain the GB/T 1901-2016/ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, and were the first to obtain the special equipment manufacturing license issued by the state (No.: TS2242185-2018). In the steam generator The first enterprise in the industry to obtain a Class B boiler manufacturing license.


According to relevant national regulations, the conditions for Class B boiler manufacturing licenses are as follows, for your reference:
(1) Technical strength requirements
1. Should have sufficient ability to convert drawings into actual manufacturing processes.
2. Sufficient full-time inspection technicians should be provided.
3. Among non-destructive testing certified personnel, there should be no less than 2 RT intermediate personnel for each item, and no less than 2 UT intermediate personnel for each item. If non-destructive testing is subcontracted, there should be at least one intermediate RT and UT person for each task.
4. The number and projects of certified welders should meet the manufacturing needs, generally not less than 30 per project.

(2) Manufacturing and testing equipment
1. Have stamping equipment suitable for manufacturing products or a subcontracting relationship with the ability to ensure quality.
2. Have a plate rolling machine suitable for the manufactured products (the plate rolling capacity is generally 20mm~30mm thick).
3. The maximum lifting capacity of the main workshop should be able to meet the needs of actual manufacturing products, and should generally be no less than 20t.
4. Have enough welding equipment suitable for the product, including automatic submerged arc machine, gas shielded welding, hand arc welding machine, etc.
5. Have mechanical performance testing equipment, impact sample processing equipment and testing instruments or subcontracting relationships with quality assurance capabilities.
6. It has a bent pipe setting out and inspection platform that meets the requirements.
7. When the company conducts non-destructive testing, it should have complete radiographic non-destructive testing equipment suitable for the product (including no less than 1 circumferential exposure machine) and 1 ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment.

It can be seen that Nobeth is the first company in the industry to obtain a Class B boiler manufacturing license, and its manufacturing capabilities and product quality are evident.

Post time: Nov-20-2023