How to recycle and reuse waste gas from steam generators?

During the production process of silicone belts, a lot of harmful waste gas toluene will be released, which will cause serious harm to the ecological environment. In order to better deal with the problem of toluene recycling, companies have successively adopted steam carbon desorption technology, heating the steam generator with activated carbon to adsorb toluene waste gas, and obtained Remarkable effect, how does the steam generator recycle waste gas?


Steam heated activated carbon
Activated carbon has a very good adsorption level. Waste gases such as toluene are adsorbed by the activated carbon adsorption layer, and clean gas can be discharged after adsorption. In order to better enhance the adsorption level of activated carbon, when using steam heating, the waste on the surface of the activated carbon adsorption layer can be cleaned by itself to avoid clogging of the adsorption layer. It can also ensure the adsorption effect of activated carbon, and the adsorption function is stable, extending the service life of activated carbon.

Real-time monitoring of desorption temperature
The desorption temperature of activated carbon is about 110°C. The steam generator is equipped with a temperature control system, which can pre-set the temperature to about 110RC according to process requirements, so that the steam temperature is always maintained at a constant temperature for heating. The equipment also has an automatic shutdown function. The equipment shuts down automatically after the process is completed. The entire system design is very intelligent and can be monitored by no one during operation to ensure complete safety of the equipment.

Steam desorption technology
There are many ways to treat waste gases in silicone factories. The use of steam technology to recycle toluene and other waste gases has the advantage of low cost. Activated carbon is cheap and can be recycled. You only need to equip a steam generator to start the recycling process. It is very convenient. It should be noted that the steam generator is equipped with a built-in energy-saving system, and the double-return design not only saves space, but also facilitates the reasonable recovery and utilization of heat.


Use steam generator live desorption to recycle toluene as early as possible. It can operate 24 hours a day and has very high operating efficiency. Many silicone belt manufacturing companies or waste gas treatment companies use steam activated carbon desorption technology for recycling waste gases such as toluene. It is not only safe but also very effective!

Post time: Mar-25-2024