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Approximate supporting standards for 72kw and 36kw steam generators in the food industry

When many people choose a steam generator, they don’t know how big they should choose. For example, for steaming steamed buns, how many steamed buns can a 72 kilowatt steam generator satisfy at one time? What size steam generator is suitable for concrete curing? Can the 36kw steam generator be used? Because all walks of life use steam generators generally differently. Although greenhouse flowers and greenhouse mushrooms are planted, they also need to customize different temperatures and humidity according to different plant habits, which require different steam. generator.

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Taking the evaporation capacity of a 36 kW steam generator as an example, let me introduce the equipment standards of several industries: steamed buns and steamed buns are often asked by people. This unit drives a single door steamer. If it is steamed one by one, this kind of steamed bun can be steamed for about 12 to 15 layers. For tea drying, a 36 kilowatt steam generator can generally meet the needs of tea drying. This does not require a large steam generator, more or less drying at once. The stone pot fish that we like very much in daily life should also be equipped with a steam generator according to the size of the store. Generally speaking, a 36-kilowatt steam generator can drive 10 tables of ordinary stone pot fish. Generally, small restaurants can choose 36 kW steam generators.
Let’s take a look at what needs can be met with the evaporation capacity of a 72 kW steam generator. Some schools and factory canteens also choose steam generators to steam rice. The 72 kilowatt steam generator can satisfy 1000 people for meals. In the past, when cooking meat with stew, coal was usually burned, but now if a steam generator is used, a 72 kilowatt steam generator can satisfy a 600-liter pot for cooking. For the fermentation of beer, white wine and rice wine, a 72kW steam generator is generally used to ferment with a fermenter with a diameter of 2 meters and a depth of 1.5 meters, but the process will be different in different situations.
In addition, there are many other industries that need to calculate how to use different steam generators according to different actual situations. Generally, 24 kilowatts are used to cook soybean milk, and 100KG soybean milk can be produced in one hour, which is enough. For the processing of cold skin and rice skin, a steam generator with an evaporation capacity of 100 kg is generally used. You can choose between an electric steam generator or a gas steam generator. Some jacketed pots and reactors used in the chemical industry are equipped with steam generators. Generally depends on the volume, the temperature to be reached, the time required for heating, etc., and is specially equipped with a steam generator.

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