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Effect of water level probe on steam generator

Now on the market, whether it is an electric heating steam generator or a gas steam generator, it has realized fully automatic operation: that is, automatic water filling, automatic water shortage alarm, over-temperature alarm, over-pressure alarm, water electrode failure alarm and other functions.
Today we mainly talk about the important role played by the water level probe (water level electrode) in the steam generator. The circuit board is connected to the water level electrode, and the detection probe touches the water level. Send a signal to the water pump to stop replenishment or start replenishment to determine whether the steam generator can operate.

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Taking an electric heating steam generator as an example, if the water level probe touches the furnace shell, dry burning will occur and the heating tube will be damaged.
The phenomenon that the water level probe touches the furnace shell may be caused by the following reasons:
1. The raw material belt on the water level probe is too long
2. Too much scale
3. High content of iron ions in water
All of the above will cause inaccurate or unstable detection of the water level electrode. In order for the machine to work normally, it is necessary to clean the water level probe every three months or so.
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