12kw Steam generator for pickling tank heating High Temperature Washing

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Steam generator for pickling tank heating

Hot-rolled strip coils produce thick scale at high temperature, but pickling at room temperature is not ideal for removing thick scale. The pickling tank is heated by a steam generator to heat the pickling solution to dissolve the scale on the surface of the strip to ensure product quality. .

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Before the hot-rolled steel coils shipped from the hot-rolling mill are rolled in the cold rolling mill, pickling is a routine step, and the pickling tank must be heated by the steam generator. If the strip steel with scale is directly rolled , the following situations must occur:
(1) Rolling under the condition of a large reduction will press the oxide scale into the matrix of the strip steel, affecting the surface quality and processing performance of the cold-rolled sheet, and even causing waste;
(2) After the iron oxide scale is broken, it enters the cooling and lubricating emulsion system, which will damage the circulation equipment and shorten the service life of the emulsion;
(3) Damage the surface roughness is very low, the expensive cold rolling mix.
Therefore, before cold rolling, a pickling tank must be equipped with a heating steam generator to remove the oxide scale on the surface of the strip and remove the defective strip.
However, the pickling process used at present to remove the thick scale on the surface of stainless steel has high operating temperature and long pickling time, resulting in high processing costs. Starting from the heating method, the pickling tank heating steam generator is used to heat the pickling solution, one-button fully automatic operation, high thermal efficiency, can effectively reduce energy and labor costs, and realize a low-consumption hot-rolled strip quick-washing process .

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