720KW Steam Generator for Industrial 1000kg/H 0.8Mpa

Short Description:

This equipment is the maximum power equipment in the NOBETH-AH series steam generator, and the output of steam is also more and faster. Steam is produced within 3 seconds of boot, and saturated steam is generated in about 3 minutes, which can meet the production demand for steam. It is suitable for large canteens, laundry rooms, hospital laboratories and other places.

Brand: Nobeth

Manufacturing Level: B

Power Source: Electric

Material: Mild Steel

Power: 720KW

Rated Steam Production: 1000kg/h

Rated Working Pressure: 0.8MPa

Saturated Steam Temperature: 345.4℉

Automation Grade: Automatic

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(1) The shell of the product adopts a thickened steel plate and a special spray paint process, which is exquisite and durable.It plays a very good protection effect on the internal system, and can also be customized.

(2) The interior adopts the design of water and electricity separation, which is scientific and reasonable, which enhances the stability of operation and extends the service life of the product.

(3)The protection system is safe and reliable.It is with multiple safety alarm control mechanisms for pressure, temperature, and water level,  also equipped with safety valves with high safety performance to ensure production safety in an all-round way.

(4) Internal electronic control system, one-button operation, can control temperature and pressure. The operation is convenient and fast, saving a lot of time and labor costs, and improving production efficiency.

(5) It can develop a microcomputer fully automatic control system, an independent operation platform and a man-machine interactive terminal operation interface, reserving a 485 communication interface, cooperating with 5G Internet technology to achieve local and remote dual control.

(6) The power can be customized for multiple gears according to demand, and different gears can be adjusted according to different production needs to save production costs.

(7) The bottom is equipped with an universal wheel with brakes, which can be moved freely, and the pry design can be customized to save installation space.

720KW Electric Heating Steam Generator Parameters



Rated Working Pressure  

Rated Steam Production

Saturated Steam Concentration

AC Supply Voltage


Steam Outlet Diameter

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