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How to choose electric steam generator for tofu production 

Steam is the main driving force of production and processing today, and there are various types of equipment for steam production and various models of equipment, which makes it more difficult to purchase a high-quality equipment.


Electric steam generators have the following advantages:

1. Fully automatic operation, no special operation is required, just set the time to start
2. Clean and hygienic, no stains, green and environmental protection
3. No noise during operation,
4. The design structure is reasonable, which is conducive to installation, operation and energy saving.
5. The heating time is short and the steam can be generated continuously.
6. Compact structure, simple, less consumables.
7. Quick installation After leaving the factory and arriving at the use site, you only need to install pipes, instruments, valves and other accessories to start running.
8. It is easy to install and move, and only needs the customer to provide a reasonable location for the steam generator.

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Tofu production can also be heated using a steam generator. Some customers will ask: How to choose an electric steam generator for tofu production?

Today, the noble editor will take a look with you how to choose an electric steam generator when making tofu.
1. The choice of electric steam generator can be selected according to your tofu output or the catties of tofu you process at one time (the total weight of soybeans and water)
2. Can the electricity in your location keep up with it? The steam generator power supply is generally 380V
3. What is the electricity cost per kilowatt-hour in your area – if it is too high, it is not recommended to use an electric steam generator
4. If the electricity bill is too high, you can choose a fuel gas steam generator or a biomass steam generator – when the electricity bill is 5-6 cents, the cost of using a gas steam generator is almost the same (for reference), and biomass particles are cheaper than natural gas (price can ask local suppliers)


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