NBS AH 108KW electric steam generator is used for steam wine and steam rice

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Is it better to use electric steamer or gas pot to steam wine-steamed rice?

Is it better to use electricity for brewing equipment? Or is it better to use an open flame? There are two types of steam generators for heating brewing equipment: electric heating steam generators and gas steam generators, both of which can be used in the brewing industry.

Many brewers have different opinions on the two heating methods. Some people say that electric heating is better, easy to use, clean and hygienic. Some people think that heating with an open flame is better. After all, traditional wine-making methods rely on fire heating for distillation. They have accumulated rich operating experience and it is easier to grasp the taste of the wine.

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Which of these two heating methods is better? For users who are about to buy a piece of brewing equipment, it is very important to choose a brewing equipment that suits you. What impact does the heating method of the brewing equipment have on brewing?

1. Electric heating? Does brewing equipment use industrial electricity 380V or domestic electricity 220V?

Electrically heated brewing equipment is strongly recommended to use 380V industrial electricity as the heating method. In the market, some manufacturers have introduced 220V electric heating equipment in order to cater to customers’ desire to use 220V electricity. This is not advisable. Because there are too many safety hazards in such brewing equipment, unless you only buy a set of small equipment weighing less than 20 kilograms of grain.

The electric heating equipment on the market is at least 9KW. The most common ones are 9KW, 18KW, 24KW, 36KW, 48KW… and 18KW, 24KW, and 36KW are more commonly used. With such high-power power-consuming equipment, the heating cost of distillation has skyrocketed. It has been proven that the cost of electric heating equipment is 80% more expensive than the distillation cost of brewing equipment burning conventional fuel.

Having said this, everyone should know why 220V domestic electricity cannot be used as a heating method, right? Because 220V domestic electricity cannot be used at all. If you choose 220V, once the equipment is running, the lights of users on that line will immediately dim. Before long, you may receive complaints from your neighbors.

2. Is the safety performance of multi-purpose brewing equipment using electricity and conventional fuels (coal, firewood, and gas)?

The answer is no. The safety performance of brewing equipment with multiple heating methods is very low. For brewing equipment with multiple heating methods, several sets of electric heating wires are usually added to the bottom of the brewing equipment or sandwiched around the steamer body. These electric heating wires are similar to resistance wires that heat quickly and are very powerful.

The working principle of such a versatile heating method brewing equipment is that when using conventional fuel (burning coal, firewood, gas), do not plug in the electricity and perform conventional heating directly at the bottom; and if conventional fuel (burning coal, wood, gas) is not used, (coal, firewood, gas), then directly plug in the power source to heat and distill. Doesn’t this kind of brewing equipment look very convenient?

In fact, you have been deceived by this sentence: 1. Friends who have burned the heat quickly should know that the heat quickly breaks down. If the heat quickly is installed in the equipment, it will be difficult to replace it if it breaks down. 2. There are potential safety hazards. This kind of equipment generally has rough workmanship and is prone to leakage accidents, endangering human safety.

3. Comparison between conventional fuel (coal, firewood, gas) brewing equipment and electric heating brewing equipment

There is no good or bad heating method for large brewing equipment. Which heating method you choose depends entirely on your own needs. Conventional fuel brewing equipment uses coal, firewood, and gas for heating. We have accumulated certain operating experience in the long-term operation process. It is easier to grasp the taste of the wine, the wine production speed is high, the time is short, and the fuel cost is low.
Electrically heated brewing equipment is simple to operate, saves time, labor, is environmentally friendly, and is clean and hygienic, but the cost of electricity is high. Under normal circumstances, the fuel cost of electrically heated brewing equipment is 80% more expensive than conventional fuel brewing equipment for the same model and size of brewing equipment. about. In terms of the taste of liquor, compared with conventional fuel-based brewing equipment, the alcohol content of the first wine distilled by electrically heated brewing equipment is lower, with less high-alcohol wine and more low-alcohol wine.

Moreover, in terms of the taste of liquor, the water taste in the liquor is heavier. The reason is that the electrically heated brewing equipment is heated by pure steam. During the steam heating process, the steam will not only mix with the wine steam, but also cool down and become an aqueous solution, which will dilute the concentration of the wine.

To sum up, although the brewing equipment using electric heating seems to be easy to use, it will encounter a lot of trouble in actual use. In comparison, the brewing equipment using fire heating is more practical, especially for the majority of rural customers. Said, fire heating equipment should be the equipment of choice.

There is no good or bad heating method. Which heating method you choose depends entirely on your own needs. As long as environmental protection permits, low fuel cost is a very good choice. What do you think about this? ?

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