NBS CH 24KW Fully Automatic Electric Steam Generator is used in food processing plants

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What type of steam generator should be used in food processing plants?

We all know that the main function of a steam generator is to provide users with a steam heat source. It is widely used in various industries, among which the food industry and the chemical industry use it more.
The food processing industry has always been a major demander for steam generators, such as biscuit factories, bakery factories, agricultural product processing, meat product processing, dairy products, etc. Steam generators are used in the factory process. The food industry is also an important basic industry related to agriculture and industry that supports the national economy.

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So, what type of steam generator should a food processing plant choose?

Choose a green and environmentally friendly steam generator. Food processing plants have strict requirements on steam temperature, pressure and steam quality during the production process, so a clean, green and environmentally friendly steam generator is an important choice. Food steam generators in food processing plants are mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, aging and other processes in food processing. High-temperature steam is used to cook, dry and sterilize food at high temperatures.

When selecting a food steam generator, in addition to looking at the steam pressure, steam quality and steam volume of the food steam generator, it is also necessary to make a specific judgment based on the different production processes. Nobeth steam generators have reached cooperation with bee farms, central kitchens, meat products, etc., improving corporate production efficiency.

Steam generator meets traditional food, making traditional food safer and better. In addition to the above food industries, Norbest has also cooperated with food manufacturers such as candy and biscuits. The products they produce are common foods in our daily lives. Steam generators help the food industry and maintain the quality of our lives. If you are also engaged in the food industry and want to know more about steam generators, please come to Nobeth Steam Generator for inspection at any time. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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