NOBETH BH 90KW Four Tubes Fully Automatic Electric Steam Generator is used for Food Processing Plants

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Which food processing plants use steam generators?

The vigorous development of the food industry maintains human life and health. In general production and manufacturing, steam is essential. Which food processing plants use steam generators?

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The food manufacturing and processing industry has always been a large demand for steam generators, such as biscuit factories, bakeries, agricultural product processing plants, meat product processing plants, dairy plants, slaughterhouses, central kitchens, and even apiaries, which are used in the production process. To use steam generators, the food industry is also an important basic industry related to agriculture, industry, etc. that supports the national economy.

Steam is one of the key power sources for processing plants. Due to the needs of the production process, basically, steam must be used in the steam refining, molding, primary drying, secondary drying and other production processes of the first and second items, as well as the steam generator heat exchangers of various thermal equipment.

However, the steam working pressure required in the food industry is determined based on the processing technology of the products produced by the customer. Steam generators in food processing plants are mainly used for steam distillation, purification, sterilization, air drying, curing and other processing processes throughout the food industry. High-temperature steam generator steam is used for high-temperature cooking, air drying, disinfection and sterilization of food. In addition, it is stipulated that the steam temperature is stable, the working pressure is stable, and even the quality of the steam determines the original quality of the food.

Take a food processing company that mainly produces puffed snacks as an example. Steam is used in production processes such as steaming, forming, primary and secondary drying, and various heat exchangers. When selecting a steam generator, in addition to the steam pressure of the steam generator, the steam quality and steam quantity must be based on Different production processes require detailed settings.

Nobeth steam generator is widely used in the field of food processing. Its steam temperature is as high as 171 degrees Celsius. When used with steam supporting equipment, it can perform high-temperature sterilization, limit the growth of insects and mold, and enhance the stability of food storage. It is suitable for Long-term storage, while ensuring the quality and taste of food processed products, can meet the production needs of various foods, and is a good helper in the food manufacturing industry!

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