Nobeth Electric 12kw steam mini boiler for hospital’s preparation room

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The hospital’s preparation room purchased Nobeth ultra-low nitrogen steam generators to complete preparation tasks safely and efficiently with steam

The preparation room is the place where medical units prepare preparations. In order to meet the requirements of medical treatment, scientific research, and teaching services, many hospitals have their own preparation rooms for preparing different self-use preparations.
The preparation room of the hospital is different from the pharmaceutical factory. It mainly guarantees the clinical drug use. The biggest feature is that there are many varieties of products and few quantities. As a result, the production cost of the preparation room is much higher than that of the pharmaceutical factory, resulting in “high investment and low output”.
Now with the development of medicine, the division of labor between medical treatment and pharmacy is becoming more and more detailed. As a clinical drug, the research and production of the preparation room not only need to be rigorous, but also need to be close to reality, which can meet the needs of special clinical diagnosis and treatment, and provide patients with individualized treatment. .

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