NOBETH GH 48KW Double Tubes Fully Automatic Electric Steam Generator used in Sauna

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Benefits of using steam generator in sauna

As the temperature gradually drops, winter is getting closer and closer. Sauna use in the cold winter has become a favorite health care method for many people. Because winter is very cold, sauna use at this time can not only keep warm, but also It has various functions of relaxation and detoxification.

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Sauna refers to the process of using steam to treat the human body in a closed room. Usually, the temperature in a sauna can reach above 60℃. It uses hot and cold stimulation of repeated dry steaming and flushing of the whole body to cause blood vessels to repeatedly expand and contract, thereby enhancing blood vessel elasticity and preventing arteriosclerosis. It is better to take a sauna in winter, mainly because it can evaporate sweat through sweat glands and eliminate toxins from the body.

The main benefits of using a sauna are:

1. Detoxification. One of the ways the human body removes toxins from the body is through sweating. It can relieve pain and relax joints through several consecutive alternations of hot and cold. It has various therapeutic effects on many skin diseases, such as ichthyosis, psoriasis, skin itching, etc. to varying degrees.

2. Lose weight. Sauna bathing is performed in a static high-temperature environment, which consumes subcutaneous fat through the body’s massive perspiration, allowing you to lose weight easily and comfortably. In a sauna, the heart rate increases significantly due to the dry heat. The metabolic rate in the body is similar to that during physical exercise. It is a way to maintain a good figure without exercising.

How does a sauna center supply steam to a large sauna area? Traditional saunas use coal-fired boilers to generate high-temperature steam to supply steam to the sauna room. This method not only consumes energy but also causes pollution. Moreover, the thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers is also low, and large-scale sauna centers cannot provide customers with the best service. Provide sufficient steam in a timely manner. Nobeth steam generators are available in large and small powers. Whether it is a large or small sauna center, it is very suitable to use a sauna steam generator. The steam generator has a compact structure, a small footprint, and flexible casters that are easy to move. It is also suitable for supplying sauna centers outside. Enough, environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving.

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