provide global customers with overall steam solutions.


Through continuous technological innovation, Nobeth has obtained more than 20 technical patents, served more
than 60 of the world's top 500 enterprises, and sold its products in more than 60 countries overseas.


About Us

Nobeth Thermal Energy Co.,Ltd is located in Wuhan and founded in 1999, which is a leading company of steam generator in China. Our mission is to do energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe steam generator to make the world cleaner. We have researched and developed electric steam generator, gas/oil steam boiler, biomass steam boiler and customerized  steam generator. Now we have more than 300 kinds of steam generators and sell very well in more than 60 counties.




  • Nobeth Watt series gas steam generator

    After the “double carbon” goal was proposed, relevant laws and regulations have been promulgated across the country, and corresponding regulations have been made on the emission of air pollutants. Under this scenario, traditional coal-fired boilers are becoming less and less advantage...

  • What insulation material is better for steam pipes?

    The beginning of winter has passed, and the temperature has gradually dropped, especially in the northern areas. The temperature is low in winter, and how to keep the temperature constant during steam transportation has become a problem for everyone. Today, Nobeth will talk to you about the selec...

  • How to choose laboratory supporting steam equipment?

    Nobeth steam generators are widely used in experimental research in scientific research institutions and universities. 1. Experimental Research Steam Generator Industry Overview 1. Experimental research on supporting steam generators is mainly used in university experiments and scientific researc...

  • What happens when a steam generator generates steam?

    The purpose of using a steam generator is actually to form steam for heating, but there will be many subsequent reactions, because at this time the steam generator will start to increase the pressure, and on the other hand, the saturation temperature of the boiler water will also gradually and co...

  • How to recycle and reuse waste gas from steam generators?

    During the production process of silicone belts, a lot of harmful waste gas toluene will be released, which will cause serious harm to the ecological environment. In order to better deal with the problem of toluene recycling, companies have successively adopted steam carbon desorption technology,...