provide global customers with overall steam solutions.


Through continuous technological innovation, Nobeth has obtained more than 20 technical patents, served more
than 60 of the world's top 500 enterprises, and sold its products in more than 60 countries overseas.


About Us

Nobeth Thermal Energy Co.,Ltd is located in Wuhan and founded in 1999, which is a leading company of steam generator in China. Our mission is to do energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe steam generator to make the world cleaner. We have researched and developed electric steam generator, gas/oil steam boiler, biomass steam boiler and customerized  steam generator. Now we have more than 300 kinds of steam generators and sell very well in more than 60 counties.




  • Why does the steam generator not need to be inspected?

    To a large extent, a steam generator is a device that absorbs the heat energy of fuel combustion and turns water into steam with corresponding parameters. The steam generator is generally divided into two parts: a pot and a furnace. The pot is used to hold water. The metal container and its furna...

  • Why should the steam generator be boiled before starting up? What are the methods of cooking the stove?

    Boiling the stove is another procedure that must be performed before new equipment is put into operation. By boiling, the dirt and rust remaining in the drum of the gas steam generator during the manufacturing process can be removed, ensuring the steam quality and water cleanliness when users use...

  • What is a pure steam generator? What does clean steam do?

    Due to the continuous strengthening of domestic efforts to control environmental pollution, traditional boiler equipment will inevitably withdraw from the stage of history. The replacement of boiler equipment with steam generator equipment has now become a market development trend. Nowadays, many...

  • How to troubleshoot gas steam generator steam temperature is too low?

    Gas steam generator is also called gas steam boiler. Gas steam generator is an important part of steam power device. Power station boilers, steam turbines and generators are the main engines of thermal power stations, so power station boilers are important equipment for producing and processing e...

  • Is it difficult to clean oil stains in winter?Steam generator easily solves

    In winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and most of the oil stains solidify quickly under the influence of low temperature, making cleaning difficult. So, how to clean the oil stains thoroughly in winter? Everyone knows that oil stains are easier to clean in a hot environment. Gen...