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Through continuous technological innovation, Nobeth has obtained more than 20 technical patents, served more
than 60 of the world's top 500 enterprises, and sold its products in more than 60 countries overseas.


About Us

Nobeth Thermal Energy Co.,Ltd is located in Wuhan and founded in 1999, which is a leading company of steam generator in China. Our mission is to do energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe steam generator to make the world cleaner. We have researched and developed electric steam generator, gas/oil steam boiler, biomass steam boiler and customerized  steam generator. Now we have more than 300 kinds of steam generators and sell very well in more than 60 counties.




  • How to deal with abnormal combustion of gas steam generator?

    During the operation of the fuel gas steam generator, due to improper use by managers, abnormal combustion of the equipment may occasionally occur. What should be done in this case? Nobeth is here to teach you how to deal with it. Abnormal combustion is manifested in secondary combustion and flue...

  • How to reduce heat loss when steam generator discharges water?

    From the perspective of environmental protection, everyone will think that the daily drainage of steam generators is a very wasteful thing. If we can reprocess it in time and reuse it better, that would be a good thing. However, achieving this goal is still somewhat difficult and requires further...

  • How to Plate Metal in a Steam Generator

    Electroplating is a technology that uses an electrolytic process to deposit metal or alloy on the surface of plated parts to form a metal coating on the surface. Generally speaking, the material used as the plated metal is the anode, and the product to be plated is the cathode. The plated metal m...

  • How to reduce steam generator operating costs?

    As a user of a steam generator, in addition to paying attention to the purchase price of the steam generator, you must also pay attention to the operating costs of the steam generator during use. Purchase costs only hold a static value, while operating costs hold a dynamic value. How to reduce th...

  • How to avoid gas leakage in gas steam generator

    Due to various reasons, gas steam generator leaks cause many problems and losses to users. In order to avoid this kind of problem, we must first know the gas leakage situation in the gas steam generator. Let’s take a look at how gas steam generators can avoid gas leakage? There are only a f...